Improve Your Email Marketing Response Rate with Simple Hacks

Email Marketing Response Rate

Email marketers are constantly looking out for ways to increase open and response rates to boost their ROI. Constantly testing out email campaigns and improving on the shortcoming can help one improve on their email marketing response rate. But, that is one way of doing it. If you have a great email marketing list, but somehow fail to achieve good results, below is a list of tips you can apply which will help you boost your email marketing response rate.

Clean Email Lists

Using clean email lists can help you acquire a high deliverability rate on your email marketing campaigns. It’s a no-brainer, a clean email list means more messages being delivered to the intended recipients, and less chances of your email ending up in the spam/junk folders.

It’s okay to buy email lists from an email marketing company that cleans it at least once in six months. An accurate mailing list will help you dodge third-party monitoring services that watch email deliveries and put suspected email addresses or mail server identification number on a blacklist.

Usually, ISPs consult third-party monitoring services to help them decide whether to filter, block, or allow your email. Be sure to monitor response rate after each campaign to find out who is blocking you.

Segment & Tailor Your Message

To elicit a better response, begin with segmenting the lists you have. A segmented list allows you to send a targeted, tailored message to your audience. To start with, instead of sending the same email message to everyone on your list, slice and dice your email database into more relevant segments. Tailor your email message that appeals to each segmented group and sends the emails.

Response rates highly depend on factors such as message relevancy to the audience.

Compare results of segment to segment email blasts to create campaigns in the future that are closer to your recipients’ interests.

Can-SPAM Complaint

A lot of marketers tend to disregard spam laws around the world and then worry about dwindling email marketing response rate. Be sure to check all your email campaigns are spam complaint. All your emails should be sent from legitimate email addresses. Emails should include an easy to find unsubscribe link as well as a physical address where they can reach out for queries and complaints.

Include a Clear Call to Action

A clear CTA is very important. Ideally, you want your subscribers to read the email, click on the CTA link or button which directly leads them to a page where they complete the type of call to action you want.

If you are involved in selling to the senior audience, read FrescoData’s guide to how to use a CEO Email list and get desired results on your marketing activities.

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