Guide to Data Driven Marketing Strategies

Data Driven Marketing

1.) What is data-driven marketing?
2.) Why Is Data-Driven Marketing Important?
3.) Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing
4.) How to Create a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
5.) Examples of Data-Driven Marketing

What is data-driven marketing?

To answer that, we first need to take a look into data science. Data science is, basically, the usage of an algorithm to trace a pattern; in this case, someone’s behavior; yet more specifically, a potential clientele’s behavior, when it comes to their consumer habits. This data is then used to create a database of your target audience’s desires, needs, and overall purchases.

Then, artificial intelligence will use this information to display ads to these people. Data-driven marketing will ensure that more potential buyers will see your ads, meaning only ads relevant to your audience will be shown.

But this, of course, needs constant monitoring. Still, you shouldn’t be alarmed: we, at FrescoData, take pride in using our many communication channels to ensure not only you but also your customers have all needed support, 24/7/365 (or 366, depending on the year). We also have an enormous array of products and services to make sure all your needs are met.

Our vast asset of available services makes sure all needs are met. Amidst the most advantageous ones, our multi-platform marketing strategies make sure all the right people see your products in the most significant number of places. Our case studies will establish your company’s needs marketing-wise and trace better strategies to achieve goals.

Our team is thoroughly focused on all market needs, such as eventual changes in legislation and new algorithms developed that may lead to new marketing strategies. For those reasons, we are the leading company in our segment and have proudly served some of the world’s biggest companies, such as HP, Google, SalesForce, and Samsung. For our commitment and hard work, we have received several excellent awards – amidst them, the ISO 27001 for data security, which shows our concern for our clients (and their clientele) and everyone’s safety.

Why Is Data-Driven Marketing Important?

Data-driven marketing is known for an increase in sales. In fact, according to a Forbes study, data-driven marketers are as much as 6x more likely to increase profitability year over year. 64% of marketers also claim data-driven marketing is an essential part of the market in the 21st century, not only for allowing more specific marketing campaigns but also because of the speed provided by such strategy.

Moreover, data-driven algorithms work on non-stop motion, meaning they’re continuously refining ads while, at the same time, boosting their displays with the intent of bringing in as many new clients as possible.

Data-driven marketing is also a field in constant reinvention: more often than not, new strategies are traced, new goals are set, and new algorithms are created – this, necessarily, demands professionals’ assistance. Here at FrescoData, we are committed to excellence, and as such, we count on a team of experts with a wide range of acting fields. Meaning: if you need a specific strategy, we’re on to it. Our business is to make your business thrive.

To achieve that, not only do we count on some of the most experienced professionals in the market, but we also rely on our enormous databases that gather information about all kinds of audiences. We also have several partnerships with governments worldwide, which allows us to cross data and see if a specific person is real or not – thus, ruining the plans of any possible fraudster, money launderer, or anyone who may want to take advantage of your business.

Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Data-driven marketing is specifically designed to know your clientele. It gathers information about what they like, might like, and even about their consuming habits. This, of course, is achieved through FrescoData’s cross-platform algorithms that gather as much information as possible from all sources available. This potentializes ad displays, as they’ll be shown specifically for the ones interested in your product – and increases your gains. The algorithm also leads to better timing in your campaign: figuring out where and when to show ads.

Clear-Cut Clarity

The times in which clients sit and let marketers do the trick are over. Through data-driven marketing, you know every step of the way: you know what’s being done, why it is being done, the outcomes of it being done, and all stages in between. This also allows you to find out who your client is (KYC – Know Your Client). No more market searches, guesses of which audience will value your product the most, evaluation of the best marketing strategies, or having to figure out how much it is worth in a competitive market. Now, the forever-improving algorithms at FrescoData gather all this information for you and suggest which next steps should be taken.

Omnichannel Experience

The market is competitive, and so is the fight for customers’ attention. To get that, the modern salesperson needs to provide the best experience while shopping, while considering many factors: clients are harder to please every passing day. They want to have all their doubts sorted out before completing a purchase (especially when it comes to more durable products, such as cars, houses, or even the most expensive computers) and want this entire process to be as fast as possible. That’s where FrescoData comes in: through our omnichannel experience, all channels inside your company will interact efficiently, whether online or not. FAQs, automated customer service robots, phone lines, email channels, and whatever other systems your company uses will all interact in the best way so that your excellent, speedy service will be no match to other companies.

Refined Customer Experience

Clients only want one thing: a personalized experience. Data-driven marketing makes sure that’s the first thing they get by displaying only ads that will be relevant to them. It also allows further analysis of customer-brand interaction, improving shortcomings where needed, and making sure they see your brand as the best in your niche. Here at FrescoData, we also rely on Artificial Intelligence to make sure your potential buyers are as well-assisted as they could be.

Better Product Development

It’s not only how you sell, but also what you sell, and at which time. Data-driven marketing keeps track of market tendencies, ensuring that your product will be well-received, stand out in the crowd, and be well-sold. It also indicates what customers want and need to be a step ahead of all other companies and develop the product that’s going to become the next best-seller.

How to Create a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

how to create data driven marketing startegy step by step

Segment your audience

If you don’t know where you’re going, no road will take you to your destiny. You need to know who you are selling to, and this is made way easier by market searches – the latest gaming attire will hardly interest seniors. At the same time, disco-era CDs will hardly entertain a millennial. FrescoData uses the latest algorithms to let you know who you’re selling to, what kind of people will be interested in your product, and even which audiences may stay in a “gray area.”

Retarget your advertising

For small websites, as little as 2% of website visitors turn into clients, and that’s where retargeting comes in. Say a person visits your website, then leaves to keep browsing the Web. Retargeting will put a small code in your website that will keep showing that person’s ads of your brand through a system that will anonymously follow their online steps. This makes sure that everyone who knows your brand or visited your website keeps on seeing your ads, which leads to an increase in sales.

Optimize your content

At FrescoData, we make sure to use the latest technology to boost your sales. And the newest content optimization tool is known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization. As the name itself suggests, it makes sure your brand is amidst the first results in search engines, such as Google and Bing. And this is done through an algorithm that helps keep track of the most-searched terms, creating ads that will always be on the first page. Moreover, it’ll also keep track of the most-searched keywords that relate to your product. A little search on your clients’ behalf maximized results and tremendous visibility for you.

Align your teams

Teamwork is the base of any successful business. To thrive, you need all your brand members working together, preferably with the same asset of information about what is being done and how. Communication is key, and that’s why FrescoData is so dedicated to it. Our team interacts proficiently, aiming for the best results.

Delight your customers

The first impression is the one which stays, albeit you also shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Whichever is your preferred saying, you cannot take chances. A bad first impression may lead a customer never to come back – that’s why you only have one chance at impressing your customers. Every channel of your brand needs to be as polished as possible, and this is our priority at FrescoData: excellence at first glance. Intuitive systems that interact among themselves and give your customers the best experience while shopping.

Launch Your Campaign

Once all steps are conquered, it’s finally time to put your product out there. With all algorithms set to go, all ads properly created, all emails sent to potential buyers, and a team to monitor all activities, your brand is ready to be launched.

Measure Performance

Your entire campaign’s efficacy will be measured from the moment of launching – your target audience will be tailored, the most effective marketing strategies will be boosted, and ineffective strategies will be dropped. All done to deliver maximum results to you and your brand.

Examples of Data-Driven Marketing


Retargeting works to make sure that everyone who knows your brand purchases your products and services by constantly displaying ads to people who have visited your company’s website or even social networks.

Dynamic Advertising

Retargeting and dynamic advertising often walk together – while retargeting makes sure more purchases are made, dynamic advertising not only contributes to an increase in sales but also makes sure customers never forget your brand. Say they just bought one of your products and, despite excessive suggestions of why a similar effect would be perfect to them, they still opt out of purchasing the two in a bundle. Dynamic advertising will repeatedly show them the products that are just perfect for them.

Optimized Paid Search

This strategy works to make your ads the very first Google result, the one with an ‘ad’ tag at the top. Optimized Paid Search uses PPC (pay per click, you only pay for the clicks done in your ad) to your advantage. It is an SEO technique that may get tricky to use, but it’s no reason for concern: our team of experts will make sure you make the most out of all marketing techniques.

Targeted Email Campaigns

FrescoData has all tools needed for a successful email campaign. Our marketing strategies will be tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re a small-town company or a huge multinational. So, no matter if you want your email marketing campaign done by demographics or geographical localization, this is the best option for you.

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Guide to Data Driven Marketing Strategies
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