A 2021 Guide for Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

1.) What is a Digital Strategy?
2.) Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy
3.) Rules of Digital Strategy
4.) Conclusion

What is a Digital Strategy?

Digital strategies are all assets, techniques, and marketing campaigns you’re going to use to convince your clientele of one thing: your brand is THE brand. You have the best products, the best customer service, the most authority in your segment. However, to achieve that, you need to know your clientele and know how to appeal to it. Different target audiences will require different approaches – and that’s where FrescoData’s data-driven marketing strategies thrive. With the aid of our many algorithms, we’re capable of tracing trustworthy customer profiles, thus increasing your sales and putting you a step ahead of all rival companies.

Much of digital strategy also goes past retargeting, which can be translated into anonymously following your brand’s website’s visitors online through the help of a single line of code in it (a “cookie”) and showing ads in ad spaces wherever they go. It’s all about saying, “Hey, remember me? I’m here, and I’m appealing to you.” Brands, now more than ever, need to focus on the customer to base all their marketing strategies – whether this is offering limited-time discount coupons to a simple, yet creative, likely offline, marketing campaign that will have all your rivals angered at the fact they didn’t have the idea first.

In other words, in simple, plain English: if you can live in your clientele’s mind, you’ve got a customer for life. And faithful customers tell their friends about their favorite products, and it triggers a chain reaction of recommendations that end in boosted profits and a large customer base. That’s why strategy and quality service needs to be the number one priority – if your brand ceases to appeal to customers, the chain reaction will end.

Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has shown its potential repeatedly, not only for its power to boost brands into stardom but also in its infinite reinvention potential. There’s always a niché that no one sees until it is seen. That’s why the use of the newest, latest technology is so vital for these campaigns to go as smoothly as possible: you need your algorithms to work continuously, gather as much information as possible, and trace the marketing strategies that best suits you and your brand and will achieve the desired results.

In fact, research statistics has shown just the potential a robust digital marketing strategy can have – ranging from 18% of sales being finished in under 24 hours to being the first result in a search engine when your product is being sold through video. But truth has it: digital marketing is constantly expanding, always reinventing itself, and always presenting a new chance of being the most desired product or service. That’s why it’s important to be a step ahead of rival companies. This, however, is easily achievable through data-driven marketing techniques, such as the ones employed at FrescoData.

It is that simple: once your target audience is all figured out, the system will immediately begin to harness needed information to create marketing campaigns adequate to them. Amidst that, it will also collect information about what kind of products are the most searched by your desired clientele, which will, later, allow for better product development, as data about their most wanted products will also be collected. And these products don’t necessarily need to exist – if your target audience is after a spray coater for laptop keypads, you’ll know. And you’ll be able to develop this product before any other company, creating an advantage and putting you as the leader of your segment.

Rules of Digital Strategy

Research and Information Gathering

Once upon a time, all it took to create a successful marketing campaign was putting up giant billboards, in numerous locations, with your brand’s name and a picture of smiling people. Those times are gone. Technology has made customers pickier, harder to satisfy, and more prone to consuming the products, which can creatively convince them into the purchase. This has turned marketers into an indispensable workforce to any company that wants to stay in the market but has also created an enormous workload for online marketers, who constantly need to figure out what’s the next trend going to be.

Data marketing has eased their burden – now, the computer-based, constantly changing, always harnessing more and more information algorithms get to do all the hard job, which includes thinking up new digital marketing techniques, measuring their potential, measuring the potential of the strategies that have already been used, and constantly crossing data to make sure your brand is at its finest. At FrescoData, we count on a team of professionals, not only from our team but also partners, that work tirelessly to make algorithms as trustworthy and accurate as possible, even utilizing artificial intelligence for the best results.

Set Your Digital Ambition High

The Internet has already proven to launch brands and people into stardom – they just need the initial kick. Suppose you can make your marketing campaign so distinguishable from everything else (especially rival brands). In that case, odds are continuously boosted by newspaper articles, blog articles, blog posts, and whatever more you can think of. That’s why you need to reach for the stars when planning out your marketing campaign: infinite potential leads to higher sales. However, setting up high expectations isn’t everything. You also need to plot every step of the way, realistically, based on what your brand already is, what it can become, and everything you need to figure out in between.

FrescoData’s algorithms can trace a specific marketing campaign’s potential and estimate how much your brand is growing from it. That, aligned with our professionals’ multiple years of experience and the latest technologies applied to our algorithms, will ensure your brand meets exponential growth.

Create a Website Strategy

Your website is, quite literally, the visiting card of your brand. It needs to be simple, intuitive, powerful, and yet lure customers into completing purchases. That’s why your website needs to be in constant evolution, not only as your visiting card but also as a manner of keeping up to date with everything that’s going on in your brand.

If you have an online shop, you most definitely need to keep stock numbers consistent with reality, and always adding the newest products or services offered by your brand is good, too. But more than that, you need to make sure customers are “converting” – interacting with your brand and making purchases. However, as little as 2% of customers convert upon the first click in your ad, website, or video. That’s why a small line of code (a “cookie”, harmless to the site’s best functioning) should be inserted upon every piece of ad, website, video, and overall whichever assets are being used. Once a customer shows interest and clicks something that is related to your brand, the cookie will start showing them ads for your brand in whichever ad spaces they can – a process called retargeting.

Often, rebranding is essential, too: making your logos, services, and products more appealing to your clientele. However, this isn’t a reason to worry. FrescoData’salgorithms will also have that sorted out for you. Maximum efficiency, high profitability, a click away. Our business is making your business thrive.

Data Elements You Need

No company is going anywhere without the basics: you need to know who your customers are and what they want. For that, FrescoData uses several databases that cover just about every target audience you can think of. Our algorithms also keep stored their geographical location, several means to communicate with them (including their email addresses and even Direct Mail address), statistics such as their approximate age, profession, level of education, and closest relatives are part of it, too. You can’t know your clientele too much – the more funnelled down they are, the better you understand how to create and target your ads, which approaches are best, and which kind of marketing triggers the best response.

You’ll also want to be as close to your customers as possible. That being said, it’s no wonder the most prominent brands of the world have invested in social media channels and fueling them with the most significant amount of content possible. Everyone has an email, even if they only check it once a day. That’s why email marketing is also a big ally, as it not only accomplishes the closure you’ll need but it’s also a way to keep your brand alive in your customers’ minds. Aligned with SEO techniques that will help your brand to reach and remain on the top results in all search engines, there’s no reason your brand won’t benefit from digital marketing strategies. And remember, this is only part of its features – it’s an ongoing, crescent field.


Digital marketing is not tricky, but it’s complicated. Several factors need to be accounted for, yet the entire process can be made easier when aided by data-driven marketing strategies. At FrescoData, we work with a vast array of professionals capable of working with the machines and algorithms and tracing the best marketing strategies tailored to you and your brand’s fit and using the latest technology that can be employed in this process. Moreover, we also work with dozens of partners and associates from all possible fields, making our algorithms even more reliable.

Any modern marketing college is going to emphasize Digital Marketing, as it’s crystal clear it’s the marketing technique of the future: it’s faster, more reliable, easily programmable, and, through technology, in constant improvement of itself, leaving the marketer to cater only for the creative part of the marketing campaign.

However, more than effective marketing techniques, FrescoData is compromised with safety – yours, your brand’s, and your customers’. And our high efforts to preserve security have been recognized: amidst our many awards, we have the ISO 27001 standard, which assures our customers that every information given or obtained through our systems is safeguarded, avoiding possible further litigations and judicial cases that may be brought upon our clients.

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