Digital Marketing: Top 5 Tools fueling Digital Marketing Trends

It is not possible to overstate the importance of digital marketing for the success of your marketing campaign. Digital firms are more craving out for virtual space. With changing trends and the evolution of the modern technologies, firms are trying to retain their customers by establishing long-term relationships. For sustaining your brand in the digital market, marketers need to comply with the new digital marketing trends.

Tools To Fueling Digital Marketing Trends

Tools Fueling Digital Marketing Trends

I. Content Curation tools

Content Curation tools are the best collection tools for a highly inbound marketing strategy. There has been an up-rise of content curation tools and platforms for gaining higher impact over the micro and content marketing. For managing the creation and publication of the content, different tools are utilized to fuel the content marketing machine.

The various Content Curation tools are: Percolate, Curata, and Kapost etc.

II. Effective tools for dynamic content recommendation, and site personalization

Content marketing is evolving gradually with ever challenging digital market. If you’re targeting your audience to sell your products and services, site personalization techniques are the best way for content personalization.

Site personalization techniques are the best alternative to target your products and offers to visitors for longer duration. Such tool are not yet widely utilized other than ecommerce.

List of various effective tools for site personalization that assist in content marketing are:

  • idio (B2B and B2C content recommendations)
  • Barilliance (Ecommerce content and offer personalisation)
  • Demandbase (B2B)
  • Monetate (Ecommerce)
  • Evergage (B2B and B2C)

III. Content distribution services

Content distribution, is sometimes also referred to as content delivery or content caching. Content distribution means organic and paid sharing through social media networks. Featured tools of organic distribution are Hootsuite, Sendible, and Oktopost.

AdRoll is one of the best known organic distribution feature for remaking via Facebook, Twitter, plus mobile and other media sites.

IV. Effective review SEO tools for content management and social media marketing

SEO Analytics is one of the most innovative and key players in the online marketing platform. Various tools were originated by SEO for reviewing keywords and backlinks, which are now expanding into content management and social media marketing. SEO review tools include:

  • Moz Analytics Review
  • Raven Tools Review
  • Analytics SEO Review
  • Buzzstream Review
  • WebCEO Online Review
  • SEMrush Review

Above listed SEO tools are available in the market, making your job easy and campaigns even more effective.

V. User interaction and value optimization

If you want to track your visitors’ information over the web, use web analytics, a tool used by a majority of businesses out there. Web Analytics tools are often utilized by most of the organization in order to track the visitors on their websites.

Google Analytics is one of the web analytics tools that feeds the organization with data. For example, number of users, their sources and visitors behavior flow on their websites. The drawback of this tool is that,

  1. Data shown is in aggregate form for different segments.
  2. This tool is not designed for understanding user behavior, behavior across devices, and repeat customers’ behaviors in groups.

Kissmetircs, Mixpanel, Chartbeat, and ecommera are the web analytics tools, which Google is applying for user-based and value-based focus over their websites.

VI. Testing Tools for analyzing customers’ behavior over the web

The A/B and multivariate testing tools tend to focus on a single page in the customer behavior flow. Evolving tools that support analysis across customers’ behavior flow and channels are:

1>   AB testing tools

2>   Customer journey tools

A/B testing tool is also referred to as Split testing. This testing tool method is used for website optimization, in which conversion rate of two versions of a page (version A, and version B) are compared with each other using live traffic. The most popular AB testing tools are:

  • Optimizely
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Unbounce

Content management systems are now enhancing their features to personalize and test. The customer journey tools are:

  • Adobe Customer Experience Manager
  • EPiServer
  • Sitecore

New innovations and changing trends in digital marketing will remark your brand in the online market. Marketers should apply the above listed trends to plan and manage as well as optimize their marketing campaigns.

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