Direct Mail Marketing: Four Reasons to Opt for Advertising Mail

Four Reasons to opt Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing

The digital era is changing with the new upcoming trends and technologies. One hand, there is a huge rush of being an email marketing superstar and on the other hand, direct mail marketing is making a great comeback stepping their footprints in the digital market.

“Direct mail marketing is a perfect opportunity for you to get your brand name in the hand of customers who want to be heard about the latest and upcoming products, services, and coupon.” Direct mail marketing is the best tool to re-engage and connect with your existing prospects.

Reasons to Opt for Direct Mail Marketing

The 4 reasons why you must opt for direct mail marketing instead of investing in email marketing. Let’s have a short tour for this.

1. Inbox Overload

How many emails you receive a day? How many emails did you read in a day? I guess, the first answer will be polled higher than second one. Most of the time, your mailbox is filled with personalized messages, offers, updates and news. We usually don’t get time to click on such mails sent. Most of the people don’t sort the mails and may be a possibility your email gets pilled on the bottom of the stack. Well, finally your dear audience will select all and delete them.

You must be thinking that paper mail sent to those customers has been thrown into dustbin. But the fact is that the numbers of paper mails are better and gain higher response than emails. According to a source, their study revealed that, approx 75% of the physical mails sent were actually read by recipients. Also a better source U.S postal services revealed, approx 95% of the people check their daily emails.

Let other company sludge through the massive inbox overload that every firm is experiencing.

In the meantime, there might be far better much competition in your standard inbox — and that’s where you should be aiming to target your sales leads.

2. Personal touch with your customers

Though, your email may sound like a tiny portrait of little voice, how to grab attention of your customers? Your first step for getting the letter past the garbage shoot:

  1. You need to have your strong sales piece to connect with your audience on a personal level.
  2. With this, you will walk straight right into their home, sit down on the dining table and pitch your product with the expertise that you have delivered.
  3. You’ll fail to achieve these outcomes with an email. When your customers are reading their email, there might possibility that dozens of other things revolving around them like notifications going around, unread Facebook or Twitter post to read or look at it.

How does personal contact sound to you?

Thus, in the age of multitasking where most of the computerized users get easily distracted to other events. This might be the reason why your unsolicited emails get least clicked or opened.

Here, direct mail marketing is all about communicating with your prospects directly. You communicate with them as if you are talking with a person in real which makes them feel more interactive. As a result, you can attract them towards your products and services listed.

3. Increase loyalty and trust

With an increase in privacy concern, prospects don’t trust the emails delivered to them. As they might think someone will hack their computerized data. So, there is a lack of trust while communicating prospects through electronic media.

It may happen some times that your emails get spam filtered or phishing scams which are quite often common issues they might be facing. People least trust emails with fancy attachments and links, even images can get eaten up by the evil spam filter.

Even if you are delivering some especially offers like heavy discount on product or freebies, how they’ll know that their email send is beneficiary for them? The question arises how you’ll get your emails delivered to them? How will they point out the wow factor where they simply must get known more? How your email stands best out of the thousands of emails loaded in mailbox?

Direct mail eases your task and overcomes such issues you are facing. You can attach fancy thing, brochures, samples or as much as you want. Instead of red flags, whistles and bells of a fancy package are added bonuses. Your prospects are more likely to believe, trust and mark you as a loyal brand and will also get attracted more through direct mail instead of fancy emails.

4. Enhanced delivery

A small piece of direct mail has many opportunities to be much more impressive than a bland, simple email. For an instance, if you receive a Christmas cards from your family, you’ll recognize them easily, the one with the bright green or red color. I am sure that you would never dump those mails in your dustbin, however, you’ll stick somewhere on wall or else keep it in your case.

If you want to stand best in front of your prospects, you must offer different and unique than your competitors do. You can opt for any one of them listed below tactics to make your mail look good and attract more audience:

  • You can use colored envelope and Handwriting Font.
  • Attach freebies, packages and brochure- for getting well exposure for your brand.
  • Provide a pen or physical stamp.
  • Coasters and stickers can be printed with your brand name.
  • Stickers or printed images to make feel more attractive and esthetic.
  • Lumpy mail package – 3-dimension mail piece that makes your audience feel special and intriguing. Though, there are dozens of envelopes that vary in shape, size and dimensions to pique curiosity instantly.

Make your audience feel more special making your direct mail stand best using aforementioned tactics. With this, you’ll able to draft your direct mail marketing strategy well to connect with your targeted audience. A research study showed that direct mail engages with customers on a deeper root of an emotional level and provides higher response rate. Revive and refine your traditional direct mail marketing strategy with modern upcoming trends and technologies by tailoring your high qualified direct mail list. Now onwards, don’t ever let anyone say you again that email has sunk the direct mail industry- well it’s untrue!

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