Email Creative: why looks matter

They say that do not judge a book by its cover, however, when it comes to Digital marketing, this rule does apply. First impressions certainly matter when it comes to online marketing. It is a proven fact that it only takes a few seconds to leave a lasting impression on someone’s mind.
Email marketing has not been left behind by the wave sweeping though the world. Emails reach billions of people at the click of a button and it is important that businesses harness this great power.
For any businesses email marketing is a handy tool and here are some reasons that explain why:

  • Email marketing has been around since the 1970s and it has made it impossible for businesses to ignore its value. It has continuously evolved with time.
  • The number of email subscribers has been growing steadily annually. As of the end of 2016, the world had an estimated 4.3 billion Email users. Email has become a marketing tool like no other. Businesses now have access to Email marketing companies like FrescoData who help them with everything viz., sourcing the right list, selecting appropriate servers, create campaign strategy, design or analyze creative content, generate campaign reports  and more.
  • We are in the era of emails and smart phones. About 74% of the population access important documents and undertake business transactions through email. All important notifications, may it be bank transactions, insurance reminders, or shopping wish lists, they are relayed through email.
  • The fluidity of technology has enabled people to recover information from their mail addresses over and over. Information uploaded, is backed up and available for download whenever. Lost passwords can be recovered instead of discarding the account.
  • Emails are great for short term studies and trend analysis. The information that can be gathered by short surveys via email makes it a good information index and reference point.
  • Considering how email functions, information is kept confidential identified by only the receivers and senders. Email privacy is important and personalized emails make clients feel comfortable and trust the valuable responses received.
  • For a tool with such a wide reach, email marketing is surprisingly less expensive.

The appearance of an email creative is very important to the deliverability and overall readability of your content. With clients and customers insisting on quality, here is how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

  • Permit

Trust is a key in conducting any kind of business. Refrain from contacting subscribers that are not on your primary list.
Remember not to sound too pushy or enforce subliminal duress during registration. For those who have willingly subscribed, they are rightfully your audience.

  • Information

The content you display mirrors the values of your business. When creating an Email campaign content, the marketers should make sure that the content they are to send is personalized and that the content has valuable and concise information for the audience. The quality is critical since wrong information equates to no information. Remember to stick to brand identifiers like logos, themes and slogans.

  • Compartmentalize

We need to remember that the audience varies from business to business. When delivering information, remember to give all key players their bits of information.  Do this without overwhelming the entire market with nitty-gritties.

  • Synchronicity

Once a business has established a strategy and developed content, they should ensure that the timing is right. Weekly campaigns may annoy busy people while annual campaigns may bore a student.  Study your niche and establish a routine that is timely.

  • Secure deliverability

Tests can be undertaken to ensure that all addresses are viable and reachable. The structure and content of emails will determine if they are delivered straight to inbox or straight to spam. Your email marketing company should have infrastructure that can control the delivery speed and accuracy of mails sent.
Businesses should monitor the patterns connected to their IP addresses and keep in mind to avoid spam traps. These safely delivered inboxes help businesses to build brand loyalty over years engaging with their customers.

Email content and Email creative should follow these rules:

·         Concise and straight to the point about products and services offered.
·         Ensure that your content is not overwhelming and busy. Keep the message simple.
·         Choose words that seem to resonate in reader’s mind and keep them interested.
·         Using right images and interesting fonts will capture potential customers visually. Email creative needs to be decorated tastefully.
Aesthetics determine the way how world sees value in things. Wise Marketers adopt this characteristic and mould it to create successful Email campaigns.

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