Email campaign failed? here are some possible reasons

Millions upon millions use their emails on a daily basis. The number of individuals that have access to an email account is more than 4.3 billion and is rising. With most the activities going digital way, marketing department is not to be left in the trenches.

Email marketing is a force to reckon with. Its reach is like no other and marketing departments keep re-brandishing their skill in this area. Being that emails are easy to access and store valuable information, it seems that Email marketing is here to stay forever.

Email Marketing Campaign
Reasons for Email campaign Failure

For a business, launching new projects might be a huge task. Your first attempt to run a successful campaign may have been met with challenges. Among the challenges that people usually face is poor communication skills. Not everybody is bestowed upon with great communication skills.

Poor communication can bring a big setback to a business if not taken seriously. While undertaking new campaigns it is known that, a proper communication channel is essential. Though open channels that allow honest feedback are welcomed, Information passed should be precise and simple to understand so as to avoid miscommunication.

Proven ways in which bad communication affects a business can be seen in incomplete projects and impunity within the staff body. Here are a few ways in which business owners can correct this:

  • Find and point out critical issues that are reoccurring in the communication channel. An active investigation through client feed back might help the company scope potential problem areas. Professional help is sought in these cases.
  • Establish a baseline of effective communication that can be used to detect errors in the system. These set benchmarks will form a basis to track any progress in that related field.
  • Train the staff to identify and deal with communications issues that might stem up. When issues arise, there should also be protocols to be followed that are standardized. For example, errors while opening links should be easily handled.
  • In the creation of any project, the customers’ needs are primary. While it is crucial that open communication channels exist in a business, feedback from clients is not to be overlooked. Feedback helps businesses understand how clients rate them.
  • Rely on communication software that helps you control the style and message to be passed. There are companies that have excelled in this field. Some of these companies are reputable and offer free trials.

Your first campaign may not have worked as expected but do not loose hope. Go to and let’s look into tips of running a successful Email campaign.

  1. Efficient Structures

An efficient business structure is crucial whether it is digitally or otherwise. Businesses should ensure that their IP addresses work efficiently and that the team is informed of what is required of them. It is certainly more effective for smaller companies to complete task and projects without waiting on decisions from multiple managers. A flat structure is often more effective in completing tasks and projects faster.

  1. Content Value

Never compromise of the value and integrity of the content you post. That is a cardinal rule. Information passed should be creative, arresting and most importantly concise. Your clients need to understand the information being passed without clutter or fluff.

  1. Aesthetics

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Companies should invest in a beautiful message that is pleasing to the eye. The layout should be simple accompanied by a few images just to drive the point home. Put in mind that the emails you send should reflect your brand.

  1. Employ A/B tests

A/B tests are usually used to discover which kind of emails most clients respond to. Two samples of the test are created and sent to the clients. The email structure that receives most feedback wins. These tests are good when looking to increase the websites conversion rates.

  1. Induction of Catchy Phrases

The beginning and ending in emails are the things that people remember most. Infuse catchy phrases and puns to get the attention. Employ an action call that makes the client willing to contact you for your products. Be your own best salesman by engaging colorful word and styles.

  1. Correct Timing

Timing is everything. Timing from inception to delivery should be synchronised. Put research into time when most people are online and are able to access their mail. Unread emails equal less responses. Littles responses equal a failed campaign.

These tools only seek to guide you, with efficient implementation, you are on the fast track. Good luck!

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