United States (USA) Business Email Marketing Lists

USA Total Contacts: 64,190,148

Contacts by Job Role

With Emails: 5,482,414
With Postal & Phones: 40,018,747

Contacts by Industry

With Emails: 2,252,815
With Postal & Phones: 16,436,172

Considered as the world’s single largest national economy, the United States (or the US) has maintained a healthy growth in its GDP and kept unemployment at a reasonable level. B2B marketers have created many opportunities from the country’s diverse and innovative industries and its service-based economy.

All of the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and are legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Job Roles in our United States (USA) lists:

United States - Job roles for email mailing list

Segmentation of United States (USA) Contacts by Job Role:

Job RolesEmailPhone & Direct Mail
Media & Communication237,7051,733,791
Product Management35,582262,671
Program & Project Management195,1591,426,123
Quality Assurance71,451520,139
Real Estate142,0481,039,147
Sales/Business Development782,9095,714,508
Senior Management1,334,7679,742,340

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Industries in our United States (USA) lists:

United States industries for business email list

Segmentation of United States (USA) Contacts by Industry:

IndustryEmailPhone & Direct Mail
Business Services124,226905,392
Banking & Financial Services128,922939,677
Media & Publishing41,912303,040
Information Technology245,6481,794,697
Consumer Goods & Services110,509805,258
Hospitality & Travel48,176350,955
Human Resources28,468209,280
Industrial Automation6,97948,761
Investment Banking & Venture Capital19,013140,985
Law Practice & Legal Services64,199470,849
Supply Chain & Logistics61,248444,924
Marketing & Advertising40,300292,735
Mining & Metals8,20558,437
Nonprofit Organization Management40,060293,903
Oil & Energy & Renewables & Environment & Utilities62,489458,366
Public Relations & Communications16,111116,887
Real Estate86,098629,250
Telecommunications & Wireless44,941327,341

Data Compliance in the United States

The CAN-SPAM Act regulates email compliance and says that while your recipients don’t need to opt-in, you need to be clear about your intent. The subject line cannot be misleading in any way. You have to convey that your email is an ad. You also need to make the unsubscribing option available and clearly visible. Fines apply to those who fail to comply. 

Our USA email lists contain the following features:

  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. The Business Executive lists are available to select by job roles, regions or industries.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. FrescoData entertains orders of more than $2,000, and provides discounts to regular buyers.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. The executives in our USA email lists are senior managers belonging to different industries such as technology, construction, engineering, retail, finance, energy, food and drink, healthcare, hospitality and supply chain.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. The executives listed in the USA email database are available to receive a variety of offers, such as B2B Marketing, B2B services, Networking products, Communication products, financial products and others.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. The contacts in our mailing lists work into various job functions as human resource and administration, marketing and sales, Information Technology, accounting and finance, supply chain and others.