Email Marketing Stats 2016 Proves – Niche Isn’t Dead Yet

Receiving emails are the new reason to groan as all of us are inundated with emails. An average person receives approximately 120 emails a day while the human race as a whole receives more than 193 billion emails on a daily basis. Not to mention the business emails that account for over 108 billion. No doubt the numbers are quite big.

Maybe we overdid it, but there might be the reason behind this. The reason might be – email marketing is not dead yet – and now that is backed up by email marketing stats 2016.

Email Marketing Stats

Obviously, we don’t hate all the emails that we receive, just the ones that we are not interested in reading. Marketers still derive a result through email campaigns while consumers are also receiving tangible benefits. If you don’t agree with me, let me roll out some email marketing statistics to prove why this niche is still very much alive.

Email Marketing Statistics

Is anyone reading those emails?

You might be thinking no one is reading those marketing emails anymore. But you are mistaken. As stated by Convince and Convert, receipts open almost 33% of marketing emails due to the subject line. Also, 44% of those recipients have made minimum one purchase per year. According to Epsilon, an average email list, which you can purchase, contains almost 50%, active users.

The Subject Line really matters

When you analyze the most successful marketing emails, you may observe that it’s all about the subject line. It is the opening elevator pitch that will either attract the recipient to read the message or it will detract them from the email altogether.

As found in the Adestra report:

  • The probability of opening an email increases by 22.2% when it has a personalized subject line.
  • Phrases like “profit”, “money”, and “revenue” in the subject line attract a number of people.
  • Emails with the subject line consisting of 10 or lesser characters are opened at the rate of 58%.

Also, it was found in email marketing stats 2016 that subject lines are directly responsible for 64% of email opens. So, if you need to make sure that you are doing it right, you need to focus more on the subject line.

When asked, 60% of businesses said that they are increasing their use of email marketing. These email marketing statistics clearly show that email marketing is alive and well. And, it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.


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