Segmentation is an important part of every successful email marketing campaign. In fact, a majority of brands are now turning to targeted mailing lists for brand promotion. Don’t believe us? Refer to the stats below:

  • Segmented email campaigns yield a 76% increase in revenue (DMA).
  • 39% of email marketing manager’s practice email list segmentation to yield better open rates and to increase sales leads by 24% (eMarketer).
  • A majority, 56% of people who unsubscribe from emails, do it when the content is no longer relevant to them (Chadwick Martin Bailey).

Targeted Mailing Lists

Email list segmentation is beyond simple demographic such as age, gender, and location. When you segment an email list, you’re collecting data to reap more benefits from your email marketing program.

Targeting and segmentation is the key to strengthening engagement, transactions and overall customer engagement with the brand. This is why a majority of businesses use targeted email lists to ensure better engagement with individual customers and improved ROI.

FrescoData clients use targeted mailing lists for the following purposes: a) enabling a higher degree of targeting and personalization in email messages, b) using targeted cross-sell and up-sell email messages, and c) generating and analyzing email campaign data to devise future strategy.

Segmented mailing lists have the following benefits:

  • The ability to deliver audience-specific marketing messages.
  • Cost saving due to targeted marketing tactics.
  • Increase in overall revenue.

Using Targeted email lists, marketers can have a better understanding of potential leads. This way they are able to tailor the brand’s messaging to different customer behaviors. This helps gain improved engagement, revenue, and a chance to reach out to ‘unreachable’ customers.

Behind the success of any email marketing program is a targeted and segmented mailing list. More and more companies are now using FrescoData’s groundbreaking industry solutions to help our clients stay competitive in today’s market.

To deliver the most personalized email marketing experience possible, buy targeted and segmented email list at the start of your email campaign.


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