Email Marketing to Voters and Political Fundraising Made Easy

Email Marketing to Voters and Political Fundraising Made Easy

Political campaign ads and messages are something we all must suffer through every four years or so. That doesn’t mean your political campaign emails must be just as annoying as an interstitial ad. Mass emails are usually the first thing that comes to mind when email marketing to voters. But should it be?

Votes are the lifeblood of any political campaign. But sometimes, in the spectacle and chaos of a political campaign, voters and nonvoters are subjected to useless emails and ads. Numbers may matter when it comes to winning an election, but just like an election and most email marketing strategies, the people’s needs must always come first. Drowning the masses in political promises may have worked in the past. However, today’s enlightened voter wants more for their ballot and expects more from your political campaign emails. 


The Do’s and Don’t of Email Marketing to Voters

Worldwide politicians are known for nofulfilling campaign promises. In email marketing to voters today, making empty election promises affects more than marketing ethics. During the heat of the political campaign, candidates may not be faulted for things said on the platform, but in political campaign emails, it will be hard to debunk written proof. And coupled with the bad habit of mass voter outreach, those promises now mean more to unaffiliated voters. 

Mass email marketing for voters was so bad that during the 2020 US Presidential campaign, nonvoters in Trinidad and Tobago and England were getting presidential campaign emails. Bad enough, the election was already all over social media. Someone had gotten unrestricted access to email addresses that should not even appear on an American voter list! Not to mention, focusing on demographic issues and not universal matters to create a political divide can backfire and turn away voters, as we’ve seen in previous elections. 

There is so much wrong with political email marketing that, for once, social media is the preferred engagement method. That’s because, on social media, politicians can carry on the same way they do on a political platform. However, campaigns lose out on the benefits of emails because they can’t perfect their email marketing strategy for voters. 

Maybe with a few do’s and don’ts guiding political email campaigns, parties and voters can benefit from a clean and successful political email marketing campaign.




  • Create a targeted political campaign email list
  • Have mass untargeted political email campaigns
  • Focus on personalizing the best political fundraising emails
  • Mass email blasts for political fundraising campaigns
  • Reach out to voiceless demographics and unaffiliated voters
  • Forget ex-pats, special needs voters, nonvoters, and proxy voters
  • Educate, inform and remind voters of issues, ongoing projects, and achievements
  • Make any marketing/selling promises in your political campaign emails (unless you can back them up)
  • Use a professional political email service and email marketing software
  • Use campaign volunteers without email marketing experience
  • Use data verification and validation services for clean voter lists
  • Buy or use sketchy email lists


Another ‘do’ you can add to the list is email marketing tips and tricks for better voter outreach, especially when crafting the best political fundraising emails to draw in supporters. After all, email marketing campaigns are known for increased revenue and high engagement rates. Why not put those benefits to use in your next political email marketing campaign.


Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Better Voter Outreach

Political campaigns are expensive. The way some candidates seem unconcerned about what they spend on a campaign is always a heated debate among voters. That, of course, brings the question to the fore what are the voters getting out of all this expense? Accounting for political campaign funds, sources, and use has been under constant scrutiny, especially with more focus on combating money laundering, fraud, and corruption.

Everyone wants value from their input. Using these email marketing tips and tricks, you can reduce campaign spend, increase voter outreach, provide clear accountability and closely match campaign goals to voters’ needs.


Pinpoint Targeting and Segmentation for Mass Voter Outreach

Being of voting age, party affiliation, and race isn’t the only demographic your party needs to check. Employment levels, religion, sexual orientation, and education are some key demographics that can affect the outcome of your campaign. Social behaviors and party registration were once great metrics to track. However, Pew research has shown that people tend to vote contrary to what they publicly support. In segmenting your voter list, focus on universal issues for mass campaign voter outreach rather than group issues.


Personalization to Sway Swing Voters

For personalization to be truly effective, your party must have a vested interest in voter issues and address these issues as shared concerns in your political campaign emails. This is a challenge for parties as candidates are known to ‘switch allegiances’ depending on their location to gain votes. However, in email marketing to voters, you cannot change your stance on your campaign.


Increase Voter Engagement with Dynamic Content

Emails with videos and images are always dynamic pairs for email engagement. Attention-grabbing headlines and personalized subject lines boost open rates and optimizing for mobile almost guarantees a click. However, ensure that the content is targeted to the receiver and gives value at the end.


Educate to Give Voters Back their Power

Studies show that many nonvoters don’t vote due to a lack of education about voting and the election process. Remind voters of the power of the vote and enlighten them on voter’s rights. Create voter outreach political email campaigns that make it easier to register to vote and vote. Teach your electors to be wary of voting fraud and identity theft. And for US voters, educate them on voter registration, the Electoral College, electors, and what they can do in the instance of faithless electors.


Remember Marketing Ethics Before Hitting Send

When using your email marketing software, do not send to unengaged contacts should always be selected. The worst thing you want to be to an unaffiliated voter is a nuisance. Don’t forget GDPR and the CAN-Spam Act as well. Sending no-reply emails from multiple IP addresses should not be the only option for escaping spam folders and blacklists.

Though everyone’s campaign goal is to win, it should not be at the trust or sanity of your voters. Bringing ethics and transparency into politics is what every voter wants—and running a campaign where facts, action, education, and data as your cornerstones can get your party re-elected time and time again.


How to Create the Best Political Fundraising Emails?

Political funding is a touchy and highly debated topic. In a time of cryptocurrency, identity theft, and money laundering, where candidates get their funds is not just important to voters but to every business and group affected. Before designing the best political fundraising emails, one should consider a few things.

  • Voter demographics (especially income) and behaviors
  • Type of political campaign (grassroots, social, etc.)
  • Candidate’s and party’s public appeal (how they appear to the public)
  • Current campaign budget and finances
  • Networking abilities and current reach of your team and/or political email service
  • Email marketing resources
  • Available up-to-date party voter list

Given our current declining and precarious global economic climate, everyone is wary of the stability and continuing value of their money. Helping someone into a position of power that will continue to put pressure on that money is counter-productive. Make sure your candidate and party appeal suit low-income earners if you want to do a grassroots fundraising campaign.

And, of course, to have any success with emails, you need email marketing software or a Content Management System (CMS) that connects to an email service provider. A clean and updated voter list ensures your emails are received as intended. A little SWOT analysis on your team helps you understand where you need to fill the weakness gaps when executing your email marketing strategies.

Once you know what you need to achieve and who you need to target, selecting the type of campaign will automatically come next. From there, it’s just a matter of a few steps to create the best political fundraising emails:-

  • Fight for support of their cause through the email, from headline to sign-off.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer fundraising with share buttons.
  • Use mobile-optimized emails
  • Save money with geofencing mobile advertising.
  • Make it easy to donate to small contributors within the email.
  • Provide major and minor donors with downloadable information via ebooks or videos describing other ways to support or about the campaign.
  • Don’t forget to thank and personalize
  • Of course, don’t forget the basics of email marketing.

Even if you aren’t seeking funding but want to engage with your voter, these tactics can work. Just remember to respect the inbox of your party voter list and utilize data validation techniques to keep your list clean. Political email marketing doesn’t have to be stressful for your party. We can make email marketing to voters great again with our political email service.


A Vote for FrescoData’s Political Email Service

Election stress is a genuine concern for your potential voters and party. We can help by providing your campaign team with email marketing resources and support to create the best political fundraising campaigns for local and presidential campaigns. Here are a few ways FrescoData’s political email service can help voter turnout.


Data Verification and Validation of Political Campaign Emails List

First, we verify the identity and age of your voter. Just so we are all clear, a 13-year old born and residing in England will not be eligible to vote in the 2024 US Presidential Election. So that kid and many others like him need to be removed from your political campaign emails list. And that’s where our data verification and validation services come in. We use data validation techniques to clean your voter list of the underaged dead and update or correct voter information.


Geofencing Mobile Advertising for Municipal and Statewide Elections

Keeping your political campaign within state and municipal lines is easy with geofencing mobile advertising exclusively from FrescoData. Geofencing mobile advertising targets using behavior data within a virtual fence line for more receptive voter outreach. Instead of simple political email campaigns, geofencing mobile advertising and marketing can deliver key campaign messages and event promotions with the reduced hassle and wasted cost.


Get Opt-In Targeted Email List for the Best Political Fundraising Emails

Do more to create the best political fundraising emails apart from using a template to mass share to potential campaign contributors. Renting or buying an opt-in targeted email list from FrescoData can increase your chances for success in your political email campaigns. This opt-in targeted email list can be used with permission-based email marketing strategies that focus heavily on personalization and retention.


Mass Educational Email Re-Engagement Strategy for Nonvoters

Lack of interest and education are the two main reasons nonvoters exist—using a mass email marketing campaign specifically targeted to nonvoters and segmented according to their issues. Even bipartisan voters need a solid email re-engagement strategy to bring them back to the fold. The increase in bipartisanship in recent times only points to the need for an email re-engagement strategy and maybe new political blood.


Omnichannel Email Marketing Strategy for Voters

Email marketing strategies alone won’t bring in all the voters. Social media is popular with Millennials and Gen Z, and traditionalists expect visits, phone calls, billboards, flyers, and TV ads. We can create a cohesive omnichannel political campaign that incorporates the expectations of past and present generations of voters. We can create multiple channels that will give your party massive voter outreach without turning off voters and increasing campaign spending using pinpoint targeting and marketing automation.

Email marketing to voters should not be an unwanted idea because your political campaign lacks the email marketing resources to have a successful campaign. Email marketing tips and tricks only work with a validated voter list. So, one political email service you need is data verification and validation. Without our data verification techniques, many of your political campaign emails will end up in the wrong inboxes.


Contact FrescoData today and get the help you need for your email marketing campaigns.

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