Evolving Email Marketing: The Rise of Mobile-Friendly Campaigns

Evolving Email Marketing

The number of people using phones has grown over the years. It is important for marketers to alter their strategies accordingly. If you wish to take advantage of mobile optimization while evolving your email marketing strategies, here are some tips to help you get started:

Mobile friendly Email Campaign

Short Subject Lines

If you want to ensure a high open rate, you need to make a good first impression. You have to keep in mind the subject line is less visible on a phone than it is on a PC. Since short subject lines perform better, you have to keep your subject lines to less than fifteen characters. Keeping the message straight to the point will give the recipients an idea of the content at first glance.

Touch Screen Compatibility

While designing your emails, you have to predict where each ‘touch’ will land. If recipients are having difficulty looking through the content and the links are not easy to tap, they will most probably abandon your message. This makes it important for you to have larger call-to-action buttons which are visible within the header. This will improve user interaction and enhance performance time.

The Design Has To Be Simple

When you are creating an email for a phone, the design is relatively simple. Emails created to be viewed on larger screens might not load properly on mobile devices and hence are not clearly visible. You have to avoid multi-column designs and instead use a stacked content layout so the content remains readable for the viewer.

Test through Trial And Error

Before you even consider sending out the email, you have to test it across multiple devices. It goes without saying that the email will appear different on a phone or a tablet than it does on the usual PC screen. By going back to the drawing board, you can locate several inconsistencies that need to be addressed. You can test several features, including responsiveness issues, to ensure each recipient can enjoy a fully optimized viewing experience.

Keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to make the best of your email marketing campaign as you can target a larger audience. If you are still having difficulties, contact professional businesses like FrescoData to assist you in your email campaign.

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