Top Six Email Marketing Trends 2016

The New Year is almost upon us! To sum up email marketing success in 2015, we have two simple words: Mobile and Personalize. In order to remain relevant in 2016, marketers must continue to look at current and upcoming trends. To help you with your email campaigns in 2016, we’ve listed out a few email marketing trends that will definitely happen.

6 email marketing trends

Email Marketing Trends

#1 Real-Time Personalization

Real-Time Personalization helps create meaningful interactions in real-time with the well-targeted audience. It has been noted to drive up to a 35% increase in conversion rates and up to a 250% increase in content consumption. What more do we want!

Using firmographics and behavioral data, email marketing companies will be able to customize the web and mobile experiences. Businesses will be able to engage targeted prospects with relevant and personalized content. Moreover, a multi-channel content management system will integrate communication across the web, ads, email, and mobile to enhance customer’s web and mobile experiences.

Below is a fine example of it,

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#2 Detailed and Consistent Tracking

Every subscriber action is tracked and reported on. Whether it is an in-depth analysis or a statistical overview, it helps companies easily understand what their subscribers like and don’t like.

Businesses that want to make better business decisions will be using campaign tracking systems to collect data on subscriber engagement and interest. These data include,

Bounce rate;

List growth rate;

Click-through rate;

Delivery rate; and

Conversion rate.

#3 Mobile Devices

According to a recent consumer device preference survey, it was noted that a good, 66% of all emails in the U.S. are read on mobile devices. With the pendulum swinging towards mobile devices, businesses are formatting their emails (font size, responsiveness, location of CTAs) after taking mobile-responsive templates and changes into consideration.

Among upcoming email marketing trends, we will have businesses relying on analytics program to see the devices their visitors are using to email. Emails will be simple and specific, with not too much text. This includes less usage of images or videos to make sure emails don’t take up too much loading time on mobile devices.

#4 Buying an email List

In the past decade, marketers feared in buying an email list, but that will not be the case in 2016. With the integration of multi-channel marketing, it will become nearly impossible for businesses to maintain their email list.

More and more businesses will buy opt-in email lists to save time that can be well-spent on enhancing margins by improving predictions of tentative outcomes, and cutting down costs.

#5 Use of Hashtags

With the evolution of Twitter and Instagram, #(Hashtags) have gained popularity. In the coming years, businesses will be using Hashtags in the subject line to generate a modest number of open rates. This technique is more likely become a favorite one amongst email marketing companies wanting to attract millennial consumers.

#6 Micro-Targeting

Among the list of email marketing trends, we also have micro-targeting. Businesses will abandon the standard selling process over micro-targeting. Targeting a niche audience, such as the C-Suite, requires precision marketing, for a higher level of accuracy.

In 2016, businesses will rely on micro-targeting to create a buyers persona that will allow them to understand their consumers’ profile and thereby aim their content accordingly. Basic firmographics, industry information, and demographic will come into play for creating highly personalized and agile email campaigns.

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