Email Marketing: 10 Ways To Assure Your Emails Get Opened

In the universe of online marketing tools, email still remains as one of the biggest bang for the buck. But, it’s only worthwhile, if you have customers to get it open, read, and act on your mail, and are continuously looking forward to hear from you more. The task is a bit hard, but when you consider that you’re competing with the deluge of personal and business emails that are already delivered in recipients’ inbox; however, we listed a few simple, easy, and surefire ways to get your emails read, act upon, and ideally shared by your recipients to their friends and colleagues. Below are ten tips for doing, let’s get started:

How to Assure Your Emails Get Opened

  1. Limit Characters in Mail: Recipients won’t opt for mails that have long subject lines. To avoid such scenarios, you should cut down your message length up to 50 char, yet, challenge yourself to get your point within 40 char.
  1. Start with Catchy Lines: Sometimes, emails can be botched, you want to get refrain from any baffling situations, and drive away from inviting a less than positive response. Though, there are many examples of successful email marketing that have started off with a question or catchy introduction, but to make your email marketing successful, one should keep opening lines effective and catchy, if they’re declared statements, or rhetorical one.
  1. !.Ah – The Exclamation Point: Avoid use of exclamation marks while stating a compelling message, instead you can highlight your message using all CAPS to alienate your prospects.
  1. Draft Catchy Headlines: Consider the newspaper headlines, which attract you to keep on reading like a story. You can employee this technique to draft catchy headlines in the same way.
  1. Make “From” Line Consistent with Your Message: Whether the email you send, comes under your business name, or your name, or in the form of a newsletter, it depends on the type of the relationships, you have with subscribers. Ensure that “from” line is consistent with each message you delivered to the subscribers.
  1. Choose The Best Time To Deliver Mails: It would be effective and beneficial for your business, if you keep delivering emails during business hours. Yet, always at the same time – whether you’re delivering mails thrice in 15 days or once in a week – Monday. By doing this, subscribers will definitely opt to read, share, and save your mails in their inbox.
  1. Etch Graphic Medias: Most marketeers etch images and videos to make their email look real and vibrant for enticing subscribers. But, you have to ensure that your embedded images and videos should not take much time while downloading from web or mobile devices.
  1. Personalize Mail Content: You are aware of your customers’ interests and likings based on past purchases. Use this information to personalize your mail content.

           For instance; apparels and accessories store may have a customer base that is made of clothing, handbag, or                 shoes. Customized messages can be deployed to such group of individuals to boost open, and response rates.

  1. Include an essence of Urgency To Act: Include call-to-action such as “Free shipping until this weekend” or “offering 15 per cent flat discount on products” – such messages encourage prospects to act on your mail sent.
  1. Avoid Spam Filters: Tell your prospects to add you in their virtual address book, so that your mail sent doesn’t get lost or spammed in a junk folder.

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