12 Tips: Keep Email Out Of The Spam Folder

Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a mixture of direct mail and cold calling, but the approach still lacks its efficiency in certain areas. Without a doubt, email marketing has revolutionized the digital marketing era, but some defects that came along with this approach remained unsolved.

Nowadays, upcoming trends and technology, both have changed as the time passes. But, spam filter still remains a major concern when it comes to email marketing. Some marketeers often gets their email block and spam, the reason behind it could be many like using spammy words, etching too many multimedia, sending emails from generic address, and so on.

This time, we have come up with a solution with this generic problem so called as spam. Where, according to our recent research, we found that many marketing professionals have figured out formulas, which can be executed when in need. Here are those formulas by which one can get rid out of the spam filters. Let’s have a look at each of them:

  • Importance Of Timing

Subscribers might be keen to receive your services. But, have you mailed them once, after they had subscribed you?Subscribers expect an email and are interested to hear from you. If you fail to deliver an email on a timely basis, you might lose subscribers from your mailing list.

  • Provide Additional Offerings

Don’t just send newsletters that consist of generic address or others. Try something new and different. Etch a few multi-media components, or design elements, and give your email a formal touch.

Deliver an informative content that educates and guides prospects in a form of solution, rather describing queries and promotional messages all the time.

  • Keep It Short And Crisp

Most marketeers send long email content. The result is, their email gets dumped into subscribers’ trash folder. Keep your subscribers hooked by drafting email content that covers 80 per cent of their subject criteria, and 20 per cent your brand’s objectives and plans.

  • Be Formal And Professional

Consider sending an email containing a plain text message – a formal one, devoid of too many graphics and multimedia, and other unwanted distraction links.

It was stated by a highly qualified marketing professional that simple texts are much more effective, rather than firing off a fancy newsletter. Even better, write “Hi” in the salutation part of the email content, it is reflected an engaging tone with your audience.

  • Compose Strong And Succinct Subject Line

Equip your email with a strong, succinct, and catchy headlines, which create a sense of urgency to act. The subject line topic is the most common one that has already been discussed in many forums, but it is essential too from the viewpoint of an email marketing program.

Take some time for composing a creative headline that is intriguing, witty, and straight to the point. You’ll surely gain surprising results in your conversion and click-through rates.

  • Is Your Newsletter Mobile-Friendly?

We found that many of our customers read emails on their smartphones. And at times, image layout and media come up as a prime concern to us. As a result, they made emails unreadable. It took too much time in loading image features and videos that we etched in the mails.

Lastly, we came to the conclusion that emails not only have to be compatible on web portals, but also, it should be mobile-friendly. Within a couple of weeks, we notice a huge gain in our marketing campaigns.

  • Avoid Including Attachments

Avoid including attachments, if it’s of no use. Spam often comprises of destructive attachments, so filters tend to overreact to it. Links prove to be a better alternative, if feasible.

  • Track Your Marketing Performance

In the digital era, email marketing is a blessing for many marketeers. By using email, you can reach millions of individuals that are residing overseas, and can track each action, where it notifies you, what type of messages are to be delivered to your clients and prospects.

Optimize this task by segmenting contact details, and deliver emails to those segments that have similar likings.

  • Be Friendly And Personal

Use a friendly tone to communicate. Send an email, which looks that it was personally being mailed to a person. Share an e-book or any amazing app that subscribers might benefit from. If you have a blog page on your web page, invite subscribers and make aware about your services and products.

On the blog section, you have a chance to engage with the mass audience, where they can contribute, and give their reviews and feedback. Make least use of formal tone, and communicate with audience in a friendly way, rather being as a company person.

  • Write Interesting News Infrequently

It is a high barrier task to ask customers to read your emails. Very few companies deliver interesting offers in their weeklies, and monthlies. To engage with more number of audiences, make use of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

If you are sending important and interesting news at the right moment, then you’ll surely receive good insights from your marketing events. On social media platforms, you have a chance to describe each aspect in detail, and if the audience likes it, you’ll succeed in spreading your brand’s digital presence.

  • Tag Your Headlines

One of the easiest ways to highlight your email and make it as the center of attraction is to tag your subject line. To illustrate, [Tag1] [Tag2] are used for different mailing lists.

Along with this, you have to input genuine reasons in front of individuals to read and click your emails, but firstly, they need to recognize your email. Accounts like Gmail and others provide a preview type Outlook, which displays the preview of your email sent.

  • Narrate A Story

There is no need to compose another marketing newsletter; your subscribers might have the similar ones in their mailbox. Tell your real story to customers, and share your ideas and solutions that help customers to gain better insights from your services offered.

Use a friendly tone while connecting with them. Be honest about your services and don’t sound too over formal. Summarize your story well, covering all the essential aspects of your marketing elements, which sound realistic and genuine to believe you.

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