How to Launch a Successful CBD Email Marketing Campaign

cbd email marketing campaign

Every CBD establishment owner knows they’re less privileged than other establishments regarding ads. They have several advertising restrictions on paid search, so they can’t stretch their marketing efforts as much as they want. 

This tactic remains among the few strategies allowing CBD establishments to reach their intended audience. Plus, it’s affordable compared to other digital marketing strategies. 

However, several email platforms prevent the advertisement of such products because they adhere to policies that ban the promotion of federally banned substances. Therefore, you must use effective strategies to run a successful CBD email marketing campaign and generate the desired income. 

This article concentrates on tips and strategies to help you navigate the thorns and launch a profitable campaign. 

Shall we?

How to Create an Efficacious Campaign

Here are steps you can take to run a campaign for your CBD business

1. Establish Goals

This tip applies to every business, not just the ones in the CBD industry. Before devising a marketing campaign, you must establish your business goals and objectives. 

Goal setting is crucial because it gives you a clear target for your employees to meet. Plus, it helps you to ascertain whether you’re progressing or regressing. 

This step is crucial when running a CBD business because you don’t have the same liberties other businesses enjoy. The ball wasn’t kicked in your favor. A goal other companies may accomplish in six months may take years because you’re limited in many ways. They can use paid ads and social media to promote their offers, but you can’t. 

Establishing goals and focusing on achieving them within reasonable time frames removes pressure on yourself to overperform. 

2. Choose a Good Platform.

While email marketing may be one of the few strategies CBD brands can use to promote their business, not all email marketing platforms allow such promotions. The key is choosing an email marketing platform or service provider, like FrescoData, that doesn’t discourage promoting CBD products. 

When you have found one, here are some other essential features to consider

  • Segmentation

Your email marketing platform must be excellent at segmenting your target audience. Email list segmentation is essential because your target audience won’t respond similarly to one message type. You must send relevant and relatable messages that meet their point of need. 

  • E-commerce Functionality

To allow easy transitions, your email marketing platform must integrate with e-commerce service providers like Shopify or WooCommerce. 

  • A/B testing

This feature allows you to test different email campaign elements to see which works best. It helps you to boost customer engagement and increase customer retention rates. If you want this feature, you must choose an email marketing provider that has one. 

3. Open a Website. 

Without a concrete site, you shouldn’t consider expanding your customer base through email marketing. It’s an essential component of your branding strategy. One great way to build a good reputation is to send emails through a custom domain. 

Why is this essential?

  • It Helps Resolve Legal Issues.

Due to the nature of your business, you need to take necessary legal steps to ensure you’re not crossing the line. You need to include legal pages like Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions so that you don’t violate federal or state law. 

  • Your URL will be your Sender Domain.

You don’t look professional when you send business emails through a Gmail account. In most cases, your receiver will mark it as spam. Sending it through a corporate account establishes your credibility.

For instance, let’s assume your name is Jen, your store name is CBDSoft, and your website’s URL is “” Your readers will receive your email as “,” which makes it more authentic and trustworthy. 

4. Include a Physical Address

Even though your business is predominantly online, it should have a physical address to give it credibility and leverage. Now, you may wonder, “how do I do this when I don’t have a physical address? Must I use a physical address?” 

You can use your PO Box address if you don’t have a physical store address. If you registered a PO Box at the post office or the warehouse or store you use to package goods has a mailbox, you can use that as well. 

Unfortunately, you can’t afford to skip this part. It’s required by law, except you’re running your business purely on social media. 

5. Build Your List Organically

This step is crucial because you can’t afford to be careless when marketing CBD products. You must ensure that your email list contacts want to be part of your email list, not compelled to be. 

One grave mistake most CBD brands make when trying to grow their email list is that they believe that buying email lists is all that matters. They believe they can attract the right people once they buy the contact list. That’s untrue. 

Note this: there is nothing wrong with buying a contact list. However, the work doesn’t stop there. You must put in the effort to create demand for your products and services and drive traffic to your website. If you don’t, you could hurt your email deliverability. 

Now, you can do it two ways: 

  • You can incorporate a pop-up form into your website so people can willingly submit their details. 
  • You can buy a contact list and create a drip campaign to filter and segment your target audience.

6. Write Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines.

Your email subject line is one of the most critical components of your campaign. A study showed that over 69% of recipients mark emails as spam after reading the subject line. Another study shows over 33% of recipients open emails due to catchy subject lines. 

Your subject line should be assertive and summarize what your readers should anticipate. This doesn’t mean you should write deceptive headlines or exaggerate their content to capture people’s attention. 

How do you get better at writing subject lines? You test as much as possible to find out what works. It is almost impossible to become so good at subject-line writing that you get it on the first trial. The first draft may work, but there is always a better option. 

7. Your Emails Should Provide Helpful Information.

Another way to build your business’s trust and credibility is to provide helpful information. Even though your only goal in this business is to make money, please don’t make it obvious. The trick is to generate awareness about your industry and show your target audience how they can benefit from your offers. 

Building trust takes time, and you shouldn’t boycott it. You shouldn’t use clickbait to lure people into patronizing you because the CBD industry is very sensitive. 

Most people who use CBD products do their due diligence when purchasing them for pleasure or solving health issues like anxiety or pain-related illnesses.

Instead, focus on establishing yourself as an authority in the CBD industry by initially providing insights and actionable tips and placing your product as a problem solver. When people have built trust in your brand, you can start actively marketing your products and guiding them down the sales pipeline. 

Types of CBD Email Marketing Campaigns

What types of email marketing campaigns can you run for your CBD business?

  1. Email Newsletters: 

Several businesses underrate the power of newsletters. They only use it for promotions, which is good but can be better. The CBD industry is constantly growing, despite not making waves in the news. More people are actively seeking information about CBD products now than ever. 

Your email newsletters should contain helpful information to help your target audience build trust. For instance, you can send them actionable how-to guides. 

You can also give them updates about the latest cannabis laws in the country and how they will affect them. If you discovered a great CBD YouTube channel or podcast, share. 

2. Restock Emails

A great way to build rapport with your target audience is to send restock emails. CBD products run out quickly, especially when customers regularly order for health reasons. If you run out of a product and restock it, emailing customers can encourage them to purchase again. 

You can do this in three ways: 

  • Send a general restock message to everyone on your email list. 
  • Use your newsletter to promote the product.
  • You can segment your target audience based on the products they buy the most. You send that email to just that group when it is in stock. 

3. Referral Programs

Since your marketing campaigns are restricted, an excellent way to spread the word about your business is through referral programs. 

These programs differ depending on the business, the automation tools used, and the signing-up method. Still, great referral programs offer fantastic rewards such as free products, amazing discounts on future purchases, customized gifts, and much more.

Let FrescoData Handle Your CBD Email Marketing Campaign

If you own a CBD business and are looking for ways to expand your online customer base, the odds are stacked against you. 

Therefore, collaborating with a reputable CBD marketing company is key to success. They will devise strategies to increase your online and offline sales while you sit back and focus on other essential components of your business. 

At FrescoData, we’re not afraid to test the waters! We’re an excellent data-driven digital marketing company that produces viable results for our clients, including those in the CBD industry. 

If you have questions or are looking for a great marketing agency to handle your next CBD email marketing campaign, look no further! FrescoData is here to help. 

Contact us today. 

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