Email Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages for Your Business

email marketing advantages and disadvantages

Email marketing campaigns are undoubtedly efficacious, even outpacing social media campaigns. This Statista study shows that over 4 billion people use emails, and this is likely to increase by 2025. 

This method is efficacious because it enables you to develop genuine relationships with your clients without worrying about expenses. However, every effective plan has drawbacks, and this one is no different.

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of this plan as an establishment owner will help you make wise choices. We’ll examine the meaning of this technique and its benefits and drawbacks.

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What is this Tactic All About?

Clients receive tailored and promotional emails from this helpful tool. These messages include donations, ads, business inquiries, sales, and product ads.

An American computer programmer, Ray Tomlinson, sent the first email in 1971. Who would have imagined that emails would disrupt communications more than 50 years later and become a crucial online tool?

Every campaign attempts to raise awareness and establish trust. They want to draw in new clients, strengthen their relationships with current ones, and persuade them to buy frequently when sending emails.

People sometimes misinterpret this tactic because they frequently mistake unsolicited messages for spam, especially in the early phases. Unsolicited mail with little to no value is known as spam. Poor body content and subject lines are two easy methods to spot spam mail.

On the other hand, this tactic consists of several comprehensive procedures created to deliver messages that connect with the intended market.  Delivering value is essential, especially when aiming for future clients. These emails are often regular and frequent.

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Advantages of this Tactic

1. It’s Cost-Effective

This method is popular among establishments, agencies, and enterprises because it’s affordable. Almost 81% of small and medium-sized enterprises utilize this strategy as their main client acquisition method, according to recent Emarys research

You spend less on printing, advertising, and other things than its counterparts.

2. Massive ROI

Establishments always look for effective strategies to increase revenue and campaign outcomes. This method is efficacious since it has vast ROI and makes it simpler for enterprises to test out new ideas and determine which ones are successful with their lists.

3. Personalization

People respond better to tailored marketing, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. It  improves the business’s ability to relate to prospective clients since it allows them to send several emails using first names. According to a McKinsey and Company study, establishments that use customization generate 40% more income than those that don’t.

4. Improving Lead Generation

An efficacious email campaign is an easy way to obtain leads. You can easily have loyal patronizers in your intended market if you have a list of 1,000 subscribers or more.

You can quickly produce quality leads from your list by utilizing segmentation and strong CTAs.

5. Easy to Acquire Feedback

One of the few tactics that encourage feedback is this one. Establishments and agencies can utilize polls and surveys to gather feedback on their offers and deals or even to figure out how to improve their tactics to boost ROI.

6. Automation-friendly

People adore automation features because they let them get the most out of their efforts while maximizing outcomes. The entire process, from sending the welcome email and a series of instructional emails to advertising items and gathering feedback, can be automated with the help of some tools and software.

7. Boosts Site Traffic

You must use this tactic if you have a website because it significantly increases organic site traffic. How?

Integrating blog material with emails is super easy when you have many subscribers.  With this technique, you can quickly encourage subscribers to click on such content and visit your site, thus increasing web traffic.

8. Increases Trust and Fortifies Relationships

Throughout time, several audience-building strategies have shown themselves to be unstable. Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts could be suspended when you awaken one morning. Your email list is the only group of people with whom you can genuinely connect.

Their devotion to the brand increases when you build a rigid relationship with them over time by regularly giving them value.

9. Easy Sharing

Emails are quite easy to distribute with the share or forward option.  Establishments can utilize several technologies to enhance how users share their content without spending a dollar on advertising.

10. Owned Media

Emails are efficacious for establishments because they own their media. They own the lists they curated on their websites or social media pages.

This implies that, unlike other conventional tactics, they don’t have to pay any advertiser to promote their discounts and packages to the list, which lowers the cost.

11. Easy to Monitor Metrics and KPIs

One of this technique’s most vital advantages is that establishments can efficiently monitor essential KPIs and metrics to forecast and determine their campaign’s success. 

Emails strengthen your ability to track every data required to convert prospects into paying customers, including bounce, unsubscribe, and open rates, as well as clickthrough, list growth, and spam complaints.

Disadvantages of this Tactic

1. Undelivered Emails

This can reduce the campaign’s success.  This outcome can be caused by several things, including blocked messages, undeliverable emails, full mailboxes, and non-existent email addresses.

According to Return Path data, over 20% of emails are undelivered, which harms establishments that rely on this tactic to produce leads and draw people in. Your email won’t reach your intended market, and you’ll waste money.

2. Easy to Unsubscribe

Most software forces enterprises to include an unsubscribe button that is simple to use and easy to find so that people can easily unsubscribe from your list if they aren’t receiving what you want.

Even if you employ appropriate tactics and suitable email designs, you still risk losing subscribers. Y To keep your subscribers interested, you must offer outstanding value.

3. Massive Competition

This tactic is highly competitive since establishments compete to capture every prospective client’s attention through owned media.

As your enterprise grows, you’ll be concerned about rivals and major brands that have built up a sizable following over time. People are more likely to pay attention to and support big companies than smaller ones.

4. Unopened Emails

Unopened emails can negatively impact email campaigns similarly to undelivered ones. Open rates can be affected by several things, such as inactive subscribers, mobile-averse emails, dull content, bad delivery times, an inappropriate sending frequency, a lacklustre feeling of urgency, and an outdated email list.

Across all industries, the average email open rate is 21.3%. Your email campaign is successful if the open rate ranges from 20 to 28%.

5. Spam

People can easily designate your email as spam, so specific contacts on your lists may not see it. Their inboxes may be overwhelming, or they may not be in the right mental space to check their messages 

Instead of reading them, they would unsubscribe or classify them as spam, not because the company isn’t offering anything worthwhile.

You must take extra precautions to guarantee that the contacts on your email list consent to your messages to avoid being flagged as spam. 

6. Requires Sharp Copywriting Skills

The best email campaigns have excellent copywriting skills. Why?

Copywriting is the cherry on top. The ability to turn prospects into paying clients is why this skill is so vital. Creating the finest headlines and email content piques interest and encourages individuals to look forward to the next offer. 

If your copywriting needs work, you should study the craft or employ a skilled professional.

7. Foreign Clients May Not Play By Your Rules.

Having foreign clients is possible when your list reaches a certain size. However, the same rules don’t work for everybody in this technique. These overseas clients could be subject to foreign data regulations, and you must follow them to access them without incurring penalties or being expelled from that nation.

8. Device Issues

Your list’s contacts may use different phones, including iPhones and Androids. Devising a campaign with a specific design might make it appear differently on various devices, defeating the ad’s purpose. 

This issue can negatively impact open rates, conversion rates, and other KPIs If you’re not well trained or skilled, you may do everything right, not achieve the desired outcome, and not know where the issue emanates from. 

Let FrescoData Ease the Burden 

How can you utilize the tool to achieve your desired outcomes now that you know its benefits and drawbacks?

This tactic works well since it supports both small and large-scale enterprises. Note that it doesn’t start and end with a contact list. You need to tick numerous boxes to guarantee that the contacts on the list can become paying clients and stay that way.

It would be a waste of resources and time to have several people on the list that are uninterested in your offers or packages.

FrescoData is a data-driven agency that assists enterprises in finding the appropriate clients and boosting sales. We employ excellent omnichannel marketing techniques, analytics, automation, and segmentation techniques to communicate effectively with prospective clients and turn them into paying clients. Contact FrescoData today.

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