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There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today, even outpacing social media marketing campaigns. According to Statista, 4 billion people use emails daily, which will likely increase by 2025.   

Email marketing is powerful because it allows you to build an authentic relationship with your customers without bothering about the marketing cost. However, every good thing has side effects, and email marketing is no different. 

As a business owner, you need to know email marketing advantages and disadvantages to make well-informed decisions. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of email marketing and its advantages and disadvantages for your business. 

Shall we?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful tool that sends personalized and commercial marketing messages to customers through email. These messages include donations, advertisements, business requests, sales, and product/service promotions. 

In 1971, an American computer programmer named Ray Tomlinson sent his first email. Who would have thought that emails would become such an essential digital marketing tool and communications disruptor over 50 years later? 

Every effective email marketing strategy aims to improve brand awareness, loyalty, and trust. When you send emails to customers, the goals are to attract new customers, enhance the relationship with existing customers, and convince them to make constant purchases. 

People often misunderstand email marketing, especially at the initial stages, because they often see unsolicited business messages as spam. Spam is unsolicited mail that offers little to no value. Poor body content and subject lines are two quick ways to identify spam messages. 

On the other hand, email marketing is a series of holistic steps designed to send messages that resonate with the target audience. The key is to provide value, especially when you’re targeting potential customers. The emails should be consistent, frequent, and value-filled.

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Now let us consider email marketing pros. 

Advantages of Email Marketing

1. It’s a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

One of the reasons why businesses love email marketing is that it’s super cost-effective. According to a recent Emarys research, over 81% of small and medium-scale business use email marketing as their primary customer acquisition tool. 

You can spend less money on printing, advertising fees, and other things compared to other forms of marketing. 

2. Massive Return on Investment (ROI)

Marketing teams are always looking for the best ways to maximize profit and results from marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a powerful tool that yields the highest ROI because it’s easier for businesses to test new strategies and see which works with their email lists. 

3. Personalization

It’s no surprise that customers respond more to personalized marketing. Email marketing helps businesses relate with customers due to personalization because it allows them to send multiple emails on a first-name basis. According to McKinsey and Company research, brands that utilize personalization get 40% more revenue than brands that don’t. 

4. Enhances Lead Generation

An effective email marketing campaign is one of the easiest ways to generate business leads. Many can become loyal, paying customers if you build an email list with one thousand subscribers and above. 

When you implement strategies like email segmentation and effective CTAs, you can generate high-quality leads from your email list in less than no time. 

5. Easy to Get Customer Feedback

Email marketing is one of the few digital marketing strategies encouraging customer feedback on their campaigns. Businesses can easily use tools like polls and customer surveys to get feedback on their products and services or even discover ways to finetune their marketing strategy to increase ROI. 

6. Automation-friendly

People love automation features because it allows them to maximize results with little effort. Tons of email marketing tools and software can automate the entire process for your business, from sending the welcome email and a series of informational emails to advertising products and gaining customer feedback. 

7. Boost website traffic

If you own a website, you have every reason to utilize email marketing. Emails can tremendously boost organic website traffic. How?

When you have a good number of subscribers on your email list, you can easily link content from your blog to your emails. This tactic quickly gets your subscribers to click on such content and directly go to your blog, thus boosting web traffic. 

8. Enhances Business Trust and Strengthens Relationships

Other methods of audience building have proved to be volatile over the years. You could wake up one morning and realize that your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are suspended. The only audience you can genuinely connect with is your email list. 

When you establish a strong relationship with them over the years by consistently providing value, their loyalty to the brand grows. 

9. Easy Sharing 

Emails are the most shareable marketing tools. It’s super easy to share email content via the share or forward option. Businesses can use different tools to improve how customers share their content, so they can enlarge their customer base without spending a dime on marketing.  

10. Owned Media

Email marketing is cost-effective because the business owns its media channel. When companies build an email list from their website or social media page, they own it. 

This means they don’t have to pay any advertiser to promote their products or services to the email marketing list, which reduces the cost, unlike other traditional advertising media. 

11. Easy to Measure KPIs and Metrics

One of the most significant email marketing benefits is that businesses can easily measure KPIs and metrics to know the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

Emails allow businesses to observe every necessary metric to convert prospects to paying customers, from bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and open rates, to clickthrough rates, email sharing, list growth rates, and spam complaints. 

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

1. Undelivered Emails

Undelivered emails can hinder the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. Several factors can lead to this, from undeliverable emails and full mailboxes to non-existent email addresses and blocked messages. 

Return Path research shows that over 20% of emails are undelivered, which can negatively impact businesses that largely depend on email marketing to generate leads and attract customers. Your customers won’t see your email, and your money will go to waste. 

2. Super Easy to Unsubscribe

Most email marketing platforms compel businesses to have an easy and accessible unsubscribe button, which makes users quickly unsubscribe from your list if they aren’t getting what you want. 

You can easily lose subscribers even if you use the proper email templates or implement the best strategies. You have to provide superb value to keep your subscribers hooked. 

3. Massive Competition

Email marketing is highly competitive because businesses strive to gain every potential customer’s attention through owned media. 

If you have a growing business, you’ll worry about your competitors and big brands that have amassed a large following over the years. Customers are inclined to pay more attention to large brands than smaller brands. 

4. Unopened Emails

Like undelivered emails, unopened emails can also affect the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Several factors can impact open rates, which include inactive subscribers, mobile-averse emails, boring content, wrong delivery time, too low or too high sending frequency, poor sense of urgency, and a stale email list. 

The standard email open rate across industries is about 21.3%. If your email marketing campaign open rate falls between 20-28%, it’s considered a success. 

5. Spam

Users can easily mark your content as spam, so specific contacts on your email lists will not see your messages. These contacts may be in a bad or vulnerable state, so their email messages can appear overwhelming. They’d instead unsubscribe or mark it as spam to avoid reading messages, not because the business isn’t providing value. 

You need to take extra steps to ensure that the contacts on your mailing list opt-in to prevent being marked as spam. 

6. Needs Sharp Copywriting Skills

The best email marketing strategies require the best copywriting skills. Why?

Copywriting is the icing on the cake. It’sIt’s the skill that converts prospects to paying customers. This skill sparks curiosity by writing super effective headlines and drafting the best emails so customers always look for the next one. 

If you need to improve at copywriting, you either have to learn or hire an excellent copywriter to do the job. 

7. International customers may play by different rules.

You may have some international customers once your email list reaches a specific size. However, everybody plays by different sets of rules in email marketing. Foreign data laws may bind these international customers, and you must abide by these laws to access them if you want to avoid being fined or banned from that country. 

8. Device problems

The contacts on your email list could have different devices like Androids and iPhones. Creating an email marketing campaign with a particular design could look different on multiple devices and defeat the campaign’s aim. This problem can adversely affect open rates, conversion rates, and other metrics. 

Let FrescoData Handle Your Email Marketing Strategy

Now that you know email marketing advantages and disadvantages, how will you use this tool to yield results? 

Your email marketing strategy doesn’t start and end with an email list. You need to tick several boxes to ensure that you have contacts on an extensive email list that can willingly convert to paying customers through an effective email marketing strategy. 

FrescoData is a data-driven marketing agency that helps businesses target the right customers and increase their revenue. We use refined omnichannel marketing, data analytics, automation, and email segmentation strategies to speak directly to your customers and get them to become loyal, paying customers. 

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