How To Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

The sole purpose of a direct mail marketing is to generate response. Don’t be discouraged if your first couple of direct mail marketing campaigns produce limited results. Like any other form of marketing, this one too is all about ‘trial and error’. Sometimes, all you need to do is make a minor tweak in your wording or mailing list or the design to make the big difference in your success metrics. Making minor adjustments to your content or timing might dramatically increase the impact of the direct mail. It’s all about trial and error, keep this in mind especially if direct mail marketing is your only source of mail campaigns.

Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Below is a discussion of the major steps to executive successful direct mail marketing campaigns:

Mail it to the right audience

A direct mail marketing strategy is the key to your prospects list. Think about those who have the most potential to become your clients, and base your process of buying targeted mailing lists on the demographics and firmographics.

Mailing to the right audience does not necessarily means keeping your lists clean and free of duplicates and people who have requested to opt-out. Keep your list up to date so you can wean off people who don’t fit right into the prospective client profile you’re set up.

Personalize the direct mail

Make sure the direct mail message is engaging and appropriate for your target audience. It’s important to capture the readers’ attention quickly, or your direct mail may soon wind up in the trash can. Highlight the call to action (CTA) and make it easier to find.

If they don’t open the envelope, they won’t see what’s inside. Add a teaser in the envelope to pique interest from the start.

Create a sense of urgency

Give your audience a reason to respond to you within a specific period of time. It’s important to capture your audiences’ attention immediately and encourage them to act on pronto.

Use the right graphics

Understand the important of the appearance of your direct mail. There are two most critical things to consider when you’re creating a direct mail piece – 1.) color and 2.) font size. The right combination will ensure more people will open and read your mail.

Integrate with other media

One way to make sure you are able to connect with your audience on more than one medium is to integrate a web URL or QR code that not only supports an interactive experience, but also drives your audience on your website or Facebook page. This will not only increase your response rates, but also help to increase your branding.

Measure your success

Track metrics based on the response totals. For instance, the total number of prospective buyers who come to an event you’ve mailed an invitation for. Accumulate data to figure out what needs to be altered from the direct mail marketing campaigns. The numbers will also help you make better informed decision on how to best spend future marketing money.

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