In 2015, we saw email marketers and social media marketers, blending together to create world-class marketing campaigns. A lot of social media pros have been listed out around email marketing growth. But, very little has been written about syncing the two of them together to make the best out of your marketing campaigns.

The shrewd approach to integrate email and social is from the perspective of business marketing strategy. The two marketing approaches are quiet unpredictable, and come with enough tools, it’s best to integrate them and take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Social Media To Grow Email Marketing

Backpedal to your plan of action and your strategy for business success. What’s your approach for reaching out to a maximum number of customers? What’s your approach for retaining them, and your technique for inspiring them to spend more on your products? Below is a list of methods you could use to integrate social media and grow email marketing.



Use Social Media To Grow Email Marketing

#1 Your email marketing team should sit down and create a plan of action with your social media staff. As a matter of fact, have the same people working on email and social media marketing. With these two in sync, your tactics are ought to play out well.

#2 Create a well-segmented email database. Set up your client database so you know which social platforms they use. This will keep you from looking silly in your messaging and help you craft some really good ad creative.

#3 Add social media sharing buttons on your email messages. Give your audience the tools they need to spread the world.

#4 Add social media connect buttons to your email messages. Similarly, add social media engagement buttons to your email messages to your email unsubscribe page. By offering your audience an opportunity to connect with you on social media implies they can even now stay in contact, however in a less distracting manner.

#5 Let your audience promote your email newsletter. Don’t simply give your subscribers a simple way to promote your email message, offer them a unique way to promote your newsletter. Use buttons such as “Share this” to promote your marketing message.

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