Email Marketing Errors That Your Brand Could Avoid

Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to reinforce your brand. The more consistent will your email marketing and its brand voice, the more likely you are to win a transaction with your customer.

Email marketing combines all incongruent elements of a marketing strategy and bridges the gap between offline and online in ways that no other channel can. While, there are quite a few brands out there who stick to the “batch and blast” formula. There’s still a growing number of brands that have got it all right by creating a world-class email marketing campaign.

Avoid Email Marketing Errors

Avoid Email Marketing Errors

Below are a few ways in which your brand could avoid email marketing errors.


Have you defined your brand’s personality? Is it playful? Is it colloquial? Is it serious? Whatever the touch points of your brand are, you must leverage them throughout the email marketing program. Look at MooseJaw Mountaineering, its product appeals to a younger audience. Instead of getting by a standard email message, its email writer often infuses an attitude, off-kilter humor.

Stay true to your brand’s motto and make sure your email message is representative of your personality.


One of the biggest email marketing errors that brands make is by not being consistent. Email marketing is a unique opportunity to reinforce who you are as a brand and why your customers should trust you. Your audience will know when you aren’t able to leverage on your brand personality. Be sure to create or buy an email marketing template that articulates your brand standards. Your goal is to make sure email marketing campaign instantly recognizable by reinforcing your brand standards at the correct places such as color palette, typefaces, buttons, etc.


You need to ensure that the experience is consistent through for your audience. Be it unsubscribe page or a sign-up page, the tone, look, and the feel should be consistent that plays well with your brand’s value assets. Certain elements should be consistent on the page so your customer knows where to find them.


The first impression is the last impression, remember? Put a third of your email message in the email preview pane of the template you’ve picked. Some of the most common email marketing errors include not putting more impressive content in the preview pane. Why is it necessary? Because that is your email elevator pitch. Be sure to put your logo and a call-to-action in the pane so your subscribers are more likely to open the email and take the action knowing that it is from you.


A lot of brands go to great lengths to make sure brand assets remain consistent and yet somehow fail when it comes to the use of consistent imagery. The images you select for the email campaign should convey the mood and tone of your email message.

For more email marketing tips and tricks on generation impressive open and click rates and increasing engagement in a way that feels organic to your brand, check out FrescoData blog.

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