How Using Email Delivery Partners for Marketing Agencies Boost Marketing Campaigns

Email Delivery Partners for Marketing Agencies Boost Marketing Campaigns

Emails are usually top contenders when it comes to high campaign returns. Email delivery partners for marketing agencies are one of the reasons for those top results. Email service providers (ESP) are the vehicles for the content marketing agencies produce. They can provide full-service email marketing campaigns and boost email deliverability rates by working together.


What Are Email Delivery Partners


Email delivery partners are a software as a service (SaaS) companies that provide the means to create, send and analyze email marketing campaigns. They can be basic email service providers that supply a support platform for email deliverability or be complex Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These email delivery partners must be fully integrated for marketing automation to achieve the best results.

Email delivery partners for marketing agencies must be robust enough to handle multiple email marketing campaigns at once while being personalized for pinpoint targeting. More successful email delivery partners work well with omnichannel marketing or other multichannel methods as part of their email delivery strategy. Top email marketing agencies choose email service providers that can provide high email deliverability rates.

Marketing agencies strategize email marketing campaigns from the beginning of your customers’ journey and business life cycle to the end. Sometimes create email templates that can be the foundation of all your marketing campaigns. Different marketing emails achieve various campaigns and business goals at each customer journey stage.


Types of Marketing Emails

  • Acquisition – Cold email outreach is designed to build your email list
  • Lead Nurturing – Turning cold email prospects into solid email leads
  • Newsletter – Informational updates and announcements
  • Promotional – Some interpret this as the sales email as it is usually filled with offers. But companies can also use these emails to promote events and brand awareness.
  • Retention – A great example would be check-in emails like birthday, anniversary, cart reminders and retargeting emails

There are numerous ways marketing agencies can utilize these five types of marketing emails to create targeted email marketing campaigns. A crucial part of ensuring these emails reach their desired target audience is choosing a premier email delivery partner. One with the marketing automation that is adaptable enough for mobile-optimized emails and responsive email templates, email campaign management technology and data analysis.


Techniques Used by Email Delivery Partners to Maintain High Email Deliverability Rates


Email deliverability rates are the metric by which email delivery partners’ and companies’ performance is measured. Most email deliverability rates fluctuate between 88 – 99%. A premier email delivery service provider will have an email marketing delivery rate of 95% and over and a bounce rate of below 3%.

In terms of spam, compliance matters. Though spam rates are measured relatively low at .08%, spam traps, noncompliance and low open rates are the real threats to your email marketing campaigns. Frequent spam reports can lead to regulation breeches and spam blocks. To avoid becoming a nuisance, email delivery partners for marketing agencies take appropriate steps to prevent being blacklisted.


Email Authentication Methods

These systems have been developed to allow domain name owners to identify email as authorized.

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – Designed to detect senders’ email addresses forging.
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) – Protects against the use of forged email addresses.
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) – Designed to give email domain owners the ability to protect their domain from unauthorized use like in email scams.

Alone these methods are not 100% foolproof. So it is recommended they are at least paired for better authentication.


Sender Reputation Warmup

Gradually increase the number of emails sent. To start, email lists are segmented and unengaged contacts are removed. By doing this, it improves the senders’ email sending reputation. 


IP Warming

IP warming is necessary for email services providers who have multiple customer accounts and send large emails. The email sender will gradually increase the number of messages sent by the IP address.


Filtering Methods

  • Checksum filtering – Since spam messages are usually sent in bulk, the sum of all that is the same is checked against a database like the Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse to verify if the message matches similar spam messages. Spammers will insert random ‘invisible’ gibberish called hash busters to avoid checksum filters, which gives the news a unique checksum.
  • URL filtering – Checking URLs against domain blocklists databases
  • Country-based filtering – Filtering by countries with high spam rates
  • Rule-based filtering is one of the more commonly known methods to avoid spam. It is based on avoiding spam trigger words in your content and email headlines.
  • Hybrid filtering – uses a combination of various filtering and spam checking techniques to reduce false-positive rates.
  • Egress spam filtering – is used by email service providers to prevent spam addresses from entering their databases, so they don’t send spam out.


Blacklist Checks

Checking the email sender against Domain Name Servers (DNS) based blacklists. These free or commercial lists are of IPs that send or support spam. Various DNS Blackhole Lists (DNSBL) are governed by different policies and filtering systems that affect how they flag or reject an email or IP address.


Outbound Spam Protection

Outbound spam protection is similar to egress spam filtering but on outbound email traffic. This reduces the financial costs of wasted bandwidth and being blocked by receiving IP addresses. Outbound spam protection allows email services providers to track spam sources within their network and clear them. Thereby protecting their equipment and customers.

Email delivery partners use many more technical methods to ensure the correct email reaches the right user. Even the ones listed here may not all be employed by every ESP or email marketing agency. And as spammers get more proficient in blocking these methods, a premier email delivery partner would find new ways to validate the IP addresses and emails that pass through their systems.


Compliance Standards Email Delivery Partners For Marketing Agencies Live By


Governments have assisted email service providers and citizens in protection against spammers by enforcing anti-spam laws. As much as email delivery rates drive email delivery partners, compliance standards ensure everyone works within ethical and legal boundaries.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR was founded out of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive to enhance individuals’ control and rights over their data and simplify international business’s regulatory environment.


CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003, enforced by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is the US national standard for sending commercial emails.



Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act, went into effect in 2014. The act covers almost all forms of communication, including SMS messages, text, images, voice, email, and communication methods not yet developed, sent and received by Canadian companies.

Under the directives of countless governmental legislations, email delivery partners for marketing agencies must ensure they meet certain sending behaviors, content and unsubscribe compliance parameters.

  • Age limits for mature content
  • Clear return IP addresses
  • Options to unsubscribe quickly
  • Explicit requests for email usage
  • No false headers and deceptive subject lines
  • The lawful use of processed personal data
  • Provide accurate protection of personal data
  • Frequent independent auditing

Depending on your home country, your country’s regulations may have additional or fewer requirements. In some instances, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) may come into play due to the content being sent. Globally, the GDPR is the leading standard for customer data protection and everyone else added accordingly.


Why Your Company Needs to Hire A Premier Email Delivery Partner


With all the regulations, system protections, and techniques required to get your email in the inbox, why would you want to risk your targeted email marketing campaign on just any old email provider? Especially when it comes to your B2B email list. Your corporate email lists are not at risk of being corrupted by scammers and spammers.

A premier email delivery partner is the backbone of a successful targeted email marketing campaign. Especially for B2B email marketing companies who use omnichannel marketing or permission-based campaigns that include corporate email lists of key decision-makers. An email marketing agency partner can provide complete service email marketing tools and techniques for your business. These include, but are not limited to:-

  • Dynamic creative content in emails
  • Mobile optimized emails 
  • Lead capture forms, email templates, and landing pages
  • A/B testing of email subject lines and email content
  • A/B testing of marketing automation and workflows
  • Website tracking to collect more information about subscribers
  • Email segmentation
  • Spam trigger words filtering
  • Provide machine learning-based email marketing automation systems
  • Buy-opt-in email lists that can include B2B email lists and corporate email lists
  • Data validation and data enhancement
  • Email campaign management and database protection


A premier email delivery partner can replace your email marketing agency entirely. Or you can save money and time while always having expert tools and resources available for your email marketing agency. A premier email marketing agency partner has experience with top email marketing agencies and can utilize various marketing strategies to give you the highest delivery rate possible, reduce spam and increase engagement and open rates.


FrescoData: One of the Best Premier Email Delivery Partners for Marketing Agencies


Email marketing is not known for having a low ROI, which makes a lot of companies comfortable choosing their email marketing agency partner on email deliverability rates alone. Many leave consumer data protection and their data at risk because they didn’t consider the filtering methods they used, data storage, or even the systems they operate. Then again, as a business, why would you?

As long as you are getting the results you paid for, invisible backend procedures should not harm or hamper your current operating systems and marketing campaigns. Everything should be done as professionally as possible and in alignment with your customers’ journey, campaign and business goals. And though as a business owner or manager, you should not have to worry about the technicalities of incoming and outgoing spam, your email delivery partner should.

Creating a successful targeted email marketing campaign alone or as part of a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy is challenging enough when you only have to think about the content. In large B2B email marketing companies, personalization, mobile-optimized emails, and direct email marketing are sometimes not given the focus or data support to reap adequate results. This leads many email marketing companies to inefficiently segment, use outdated or irrelevant email lists and end up poorly targeting the wrong list or individual.

FrescoData tackles all the backend ‘invisible’ techniques using machine learning marketing automation to ease the burden from you or your email marketing agency. We are the premier email delivery partner with years of experience with top email marketing agencies and CRM platforms like Salesforce. And with delivery rates over 95%, minuscule spam complaints, and the expertise to provide dynamic creative content to match your campaign,

We go beyond simple email marketing automation. Regardless of your marketing strategy or campaign, we can help boost your agencies’ email marketing delivery rate and be your database source for buying opt-in and corporate email lists. Using our already cleaned, new, and segmented B2B email lists, your company can quickly get sales or marketing qualified leads.

Emails work. Whether they are mobile-optimized emails for email re-engagement, customer acquisition, retention, remarketing, promotion or keeping in touch with your team and customers, they need to work at an optimal level to give the highest returns. And if you are a full-service email marketing agency, you want to ensure you have the relevant, fresh data that your campaigns need to make accurate marketing decisions. Don’t put your clients and business at risk. Protect their data and boost your email marketing delivery rate by partnering with FrescoData.

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