A Simple Guide to a Winning Email Campaign

Guide To Winning Email Campaign

Among the avalanche of emails that throng your subscriber’s inbox, you want your emails to stand out. A good email campaign can increase your cost-effectiveness, strengthen your relationship with the audience, and increase leads and sales. In today’s era of powerful junk filters and complex spam laws, it has become more of a challenge to create an effective campaign.

Email Campaign Guideline

We’ve created a simple five-step guide to show you how to create a winning email campaign.


To get the best response from campaign, be sure to send it to the right audience. It is essential to split up your email lists into more specific groups for better, targeted communication. A unified list can be split into: loyal-new-unengaged subscribers list, product or service updates list, executive mailing list, daily email list, etc. A unified list has more chances of your email being marked as spam by those who do not want to receive it. It can also damage your reputation if you’re blocked by internet providers. If you do not have a segmented list, you can always buy a clean email list from a reputed email marketing company.


Always include a link that takes your readers to the site where you’re offering a discount or a clear benefit. Make sure that it’s within the scroll, so people don’t close the email thinking there’s nothing valuable in there that piques their interest. Be sure to include a link in every email that takes them to a privacy policy page which lets your reader know how you will treat their personal contact information.


Nowadays, you can find a variety of professional templates that can be customized for your brand. Make use of easy to the eyes attractive images and content design that work well for your brand and the message your email carries. Keep away from using too much audio, video, or animation or rich media messages in your design that make it harder for emails to load on time.


Test your campaign through a number of different email accounts and devices to make sure they look just as good when opened as on a web browser. It’s critical that you use responsive designs that offer better experience to the recipient. While you’re at it, test out different subject lines, offers, and designs on a small number of recipients to measure response rates.


Measuring your response allows you to understand which campaigns get the most click to open rates so you can refine with each and every campaign for better results. Testing an email campaign on a small number of recipient allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t and send more successful campaigns to a larger audience. Use trackable links to gather results and have access to real-time reports to see which campaign gets the best response rates.

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