Instructions to Expand Your Email Marketing Database

Database plays a vital role in an organization. Every organization aims to increase their customers by offering best email marketing services. It is a sad fact, but your email marketing database decreases every year by 30% due to unsolicited emails, spam complaints and undeliverable emails. Marketing vendors should make sure that they deliver consistent, fresh and valid contacts for their clients’ email marketing campaigns. Database marketing is a form of direct marketing. It is a systematic approach to the accumulating, processing and warehousing of consumer data (potential, existing customers and visitors) maintained by the organization.

Instructions to expand your Email Marketing Database

Email Marketing Database Tips

There are numerous ways to keep growing your email list naturally (excluding purchasing, third-party data)


Make use of communicator

Build up a communication channel between you and your prospective clients to keep in touch with them using social media, email, and phone or in person.

Collect computerization data for your email marketing database

Email vendors can collect and store customers’ data in two ways:

  1. Making customers signup and keeping track on their activities.
  2. After email sign up you can input the relevant data either manually or automatically.

Manually:-Collection of data includes interaction of people by tracking prospectus and behavior towards the product or website. Automatically:-Collecting the data using Click–tracking code that is tied to a database action or online form that is used to store the user data in database automatically.

Email Newsletter Signup

Grow your lists by communicating with your prospective clients by sending newsletters, briefing informational contents and offers along subscription link. If the prospective clients are no longer interested in your subscription, make it easy for them.

Nourish your data

You must nourish your database keeping up-to-date information of your subscribed customers. If your database isn’t regularly cleaned or updated this might lead to blockage of email services by ISP servers which creates bad impact on brand of the business.

Retain your potential customers

In order to expand your organization, it is very important to retain your prospective customers. You can make use of email marketing lifecycle to send relevant data in a timely manner to keep in touch with your customers. With this, email marketing managers should send dynamic content with secured personalized data according to target needs. One must try to segment the data into various categories so that services provided to the customers are relevant.

Reviews and suggestions

Always try to interact with the audience keeping their desired needs in mind. This can be done by sending timely newsletters or emails. Also, one must try to make the services and offers customer friendly so that the customers’ needs are satisfied in efficient manner without any hindrance.

The target audience should be allowed to provide truthful reviews and suggestions in regards to the services provided. With this, it would be an effective and efficient way to meet up the customers’ desires and needs. The audience must be ensured that their information is safe and secure.


Though there are numerous ways to enhance your inhouse email list naturally and organically, it never beats the stead-fast way to grow the way a purchased or rented email list does. You can imagine yourself sitting and developing a list of hundreds of clients yourself by doing research and cold calls on a daily basis or just take a shortcut to success by procuring a list from FrescoData and reaching the same potential clients overnight.

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