Microtargeting is the Key to Email Marketing Success

Microtargeting has become the buzzword in email marketing. Businesses using it in their promotions are able to build a powerful and consistent link with their audience. Any marketing strategy based on detailed customer-segmenting using data and demographics to identify their interest and influence their actions is micro-targeting. One of the most important aspects of microtargeting is to know the preferred communication channel of your target audience.

Micro-targeting in Email Marketing

Businesses can use pinpoint targeting in several ways as a part of their overall marketing strategy. One of the best-known ways to engage is via email marketing and direct mail marketing. These promotions are directed to the individual on the mailing list due to their activity on the website or their demographics.

How to do it:

By collecting feedback from individuals about whether they want certain ads.

By developing a psychographic segmentation model in order to understand buyers’ behavior.

Using the psychographic model to create targeted offers and messages.

By developing an algorithm that puts each individual under a particular group based on how likely they are to click and purchase on the message shown in the upcoming email offers.

A lot of businesses these days use pinpoint targeting to fine-tune their promotions via a series of trial and error email marketing campaigns. They are able to personalize the emails by tracking their email marketing results. Pinpoint targeting helps them determine what works and what doesn’t.

While corporates with a large marketing budget are generally the ones using these techniques, it’s also small businesses that take advantage of pinpoint targeting by collecting their audiences’ information via polls, demographic, consumer behavior, etc. The information collected helps them create highly targeted campaigns, ultimately leading to email marketing success.

It’s because, in the digital age people are willing to share their information in exchange of something of perceived value or a gift. For example, you can ask for subscription permission to your email newsletter in exchange for a PDF or whitepaper on your site.

Moreover, microtargeting holds an enormous competitive advantage against traditional marketing methods. It’s because traditional marketing methods cannot gather enough information to understand the appeal and intent.

Highly targeted campaigns can improve your sales dramatically. Most businesses fear of creeping out their audience, but the truth is, in the coming years, they’ll need to embrace it rather than avoid.

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