Successful Prospecting with Opt-in Email Lists

Email marketing has evolved over the last few years into a legitimate and highly reliable marketing channel based on the principles of permission based marketing policy. The bedrock of its foundation is obtaining permission to send the marketing messages to recipients, and of encouraging prospects and existing clients to enhance targeting and relevancy.

Seeking permission to use customers’ email address is a fairly common practice. However, this requires more than just a good use of strategy than simply emailing to recipients in the entire email database. What eases up the scenario is buying or renting email lists, which has been cited as the best online marketing tactic.

Prospecting With Opt-in Email Lists

But the question is: Where do you find permission-based opt-in email lists? How do you send an email to a customer who may not know you? How do you engage with an audience who hasn’t done business with you before? How do you ensure that the prospect turns into a customer?

The answer is: Get to know your list.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of opt-in email lists available in the market. However, not all lists can bring you the same results. Opt-in lists play a critical role in email marketing. A customer who has established relationship with you may forgive you for an unsolicited email message, but a prospect will not. If you’re not using an opt-in email list, you’re not only risking your reputation, but also killing the deliverability and ROI of your email marketing efforts.

While buying or renting email lists, you need to ensure that the list is 100% opt-in, perhaps double opt-in. Your second concern is whether the email database you’ve purchased is relevant or not.

For example, an email marketing campaign from an airline offering a vacation package to New York targeted to an audience interested in Travel and Leisure, but may be considered spam if sent to an individual particularly interested in business travel.

As a marketer, you need to know if your target audience is interested in what you have to offer. If you’re buying or renting email lists, there will be details that you need to know first. Such as:

How often is that list updated?

What is the average deliverability rate?

What sort of click-through rate and conversion rates are generally achieved?

The more you know about the list you’re buying, the more relevant and precisely targeted your email campaign is going to be.

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