Among all the social networks and chat apps available today, there’s still one online messaging system that everybody uses: Email. While it might seem to be bygone compared to social media sites, email marketing results are 40 percent more effective in securing new leads than Facebook or Twitter, as indicated by McKinsey’s iConsumer Survey. Email marketing also provides increased ROI for marketers and brands, as it gives you back $38 for every $1 spent. Moreover, Radicati, a market research firm estimated that overall email users are expected to reach 2.8 billion by 2020, and there’s no sign of any slowdown. Radicati Group predicts that global revenue from email products is expected to surpass $38 billion in 2019, which is 30% from $13.5 billion in 2015.

Improve Email Open Rate

In order to profit from this kind of growth, it’s essential to settle on a few things about email marketing such as where to buy opt-in email lists from and which platform to use to conduct email campaigns. Currently, there are very few email marketing companies for you to buy opt-in email lists from and a few dozen good email marketing software options. Picking the best from the wide array of choices can be tough.

Tricks For Maximize Email Open Rate

First, you’ll need to purchase email database from a reputable email marketing company that is also a part of the Direct Marketing Association. A good email vendor will only sell accurate and legitimate contacts in the list. This will help you reduce the number of spam hits and increase email open rate. Next, you need an email marketing platform that is simple to use. Even the most basic form of email personalization can fetch high email open rate and click-through rate. Personalized email subscribers not only have high open rate and click-through rate but also higher conversation rate.

Finding the right email vendor is key in managing challenges, marketers face with email campaigns. Today, a majority of email marketers consider email list fatigue as the major challenge in offering relevant content to their target audience. This is the reason it’s essential to find the right email vendor that offers email database that suits the necessities of your business.

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