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Tag: Benefits of email marketing

The Way of Email Marketing

Who doesn’t love the convenience of email? Email has pretty much become an inexplicable part of our everyday lives, as cellphones and Netflix. Some of us compulsively check email on our
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Crossing over China’s Great Firewall

Maintaining Compliance with China’s Severe Email Marketing Laws Did you know? In actuality, most violating emails are snared in the Great Firewall Of China and never make it to their
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The Role of Consistency in Email Marketing

Your product or service is great. You’re geared to make a splash in the market. All is in readiness… but now you need new orders, this means new customers! This
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Invigorate Your Email Marketing Campaign with 2015's Top Trends

Below are some tactics that will help to  revive your email marketing strategies: 1. Make your campaigns mobile friendly Mobile has made a revolutionary change in the today’s digital market.
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Step-by-step process to create data-driven Email Marketing Campaign

In the first half of 2013, data-driven marketing increased by a staggering 227%. About 90% of respondents agreed that use of segmentation and targeting strategies is crucial to their digital
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Three Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Email marketing is the best way of getting your message in front of the right audience. For businesses wanting to grow and expand into newer avenues, email marketing is the
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How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

Social media is a great tool. Tweets, Instagram images and the likes are all the way of the future. But that doesn’t mean that one should put email marketing in
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3 Brands That Use Email Marketing to Make Communication More Alive and Playful

Marketing talks these days revolve around two subjects – 1.) The impending demise of the old-fashioned email marketing, and 2.) The rise of social media marketing. The first one will
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Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Business?

Marketing is an important aspect for every business. There are various forms of marketing for various types of business. The businesses which are new and have just begun the concept
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