The Role of Consistency in Email Marketing

buying an email list proves invaluable.

Your product or service is great. You’re geared to make a splash in the market. All is in readiness… but now you need new orders, this means new customers! This is where buying an email list proves invaluable.

Email Marketing Consistency

In a world where active engagement with technology is at its peak, email marketing proves to be a boon. Especially, when one wants to reach out to more people and grow their customer base.

To make an email campaign fruitful, one should always go for DMA (Digital Marketing Association) approved email list vendors who CAN-SPAM complaint emails in their global database. The thing about buying an email list from DMA approved vendors is that they sell accurate, up-to-date and responsive contacts. Once you buy a relevant email list that is fresh, brimming with contacts who meets your target demographic, you can kickstart your email marketing campaign.

However, you’d want to be careful executing an email marketing campaign. You don’t want your email to get lost in the barrage of information your customer is receiving every day. How are you going to grab their attention? What is going to make you stand out from your competitors?

The key is purposeful persistence. You have to make sure that the potential client sees what you have to offer. If they never open the email, how will they know about your amazing offer? Luckily, technology is there for us; we can see whether or not a customer has opened the initial marketing email. If they don’t open the first one, send a second!

But how soon do you send it? Certainly not immediately. Marketing is like blind dating for companies and clients. If you look too eager after the first contact, you send the wrong message. If you wait too long, your client will get bored or irritated or distracted and forget about you. So, an appropriate period of time between messages is essential.

In this case, give it roughly a week before you re-send your original email to your prospective client.

If this email also doesn’t quite reach that all important ‘click’ from the client, they’ve now seen your subject line twice.

This is part of the repetition principle of mental stimulation. Human beings are hard-wired to look for and recognize repetition and pattern. If this second email is still un-opened after a week, it’d be probably best to leave that client alone.

Let’s say that your first email did get clicked open, but didn’t turn into any business for you. Don’t give up! Purposeful persistence still applies here. Send them a follow-up email with perhaps a slight tweak to the subject line. You might consider placing a small feeling of timeliness to it, such as adding ‘limited time’ to the subject line, or suggest that you might have other services/products that may suit them better, adding words like ‘custom’ or ‘fitted’. If the subject line is not exactly the same as the first email they opened, the client will know that you are not a robot sending spam, and a real company looking for their unique business. Remember, human brains are looking for patterns and repetitions; sending twice with just a little tweak can nab you that second look you’re looking for, and the business that goes with it.

Is it worth a third resend if the first two get opened? Possibly, but three strikes you’re out is a good general rule for most marketing endeavours. If after a third attempt at engagement you still haven’t closed the deal, you need to switch up your medium or approach. It certainly can’t hurt to send a third email to those clients who have opened two, but it would be unwise to re-send to those clients who didn’t open the second one. At this point in your marketing strategy, you need to check to make sure that your name is out there in other formats such as banner ads, videos and website-traffic.

While you’re at it, be sure to analyse your data to see what is most effective in getting your product across and what isn’t; just because your email campaign may bomb doesn’t mean that your product is useless, and just because it’s a raging success doesn’t mean that you might not do better in another medium. Always check your data; that’s where the real profit often is!

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