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Email Creative: why looks matter

They say that do not judge a book by its cover, however, when it comes to Digital marketing, this rule does apply. First impressions certainly matter when it comes to
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An Email List Segmentation Checklist

Email list segmentation is the most important part of email marketing. Without segmentation, you cannot devise a proper marketing strategy, or study your email metrics. Without segmentation, your target audience
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A Simple Guide to a Winning Email Campaign

Among the avalanche of emails that throng your subscriber’s inbox, you want your emails to stand out. A good email campaign can increase your cost-effectiveness, strengthen your relationship with the
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Is Your Call to Action Getting the Right Response?

Every step of creating your email marketing campaign plays an important role in achieving your primary goal. You want to turn leads into customers. Your email campaign begins when you
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Benefits of Buying Email Lists from the Professionals

You might be having reservations about buying email lists for marketing purposes because you might have been warned about buying email marketing lists which are not prepared according to your
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How to Find Your Internet Marketing Gold Pot!

You must have bumped a million times into the phrase ‘content is king’ when referring to creating contents for a blog or a website. If you complied and created quality
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5 Basic Email Marketing Must Do's for Your Campaign

For many years, marketeers have been implementing email marketing campaigns to advertise their products by serving their audiences with the best deals. They have crossed boundaries of various countries and
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Three Email Marketing Strategies Based On Executives’ Job Roles

Email marketing has provided a good digital platform to online marketeers to help them explore their businesses. Day-by-day, email marketing is becoming more innovative using modern technologies in the digital
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Five Effective Tips for Your Next Email Blast Campaign

Email is considered to be one of the best mediums for communicating with top-notch professionals across various industry sectors. As you are aware of the fact that, email marketeers use
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