An Email List Segmentation Checklist

Email list segmentation is the most important part of email marketing. Without segmentation, you cannot devise a proper marketing strategy, or study your email metrics. Without segmentation, your target audience is just people on a random list and you will never understand how you can target them to yield maximum results from your campaigns.

Email List Segmentation

Below are several ways in which you can carry off email list segmentation:

email list segmentation

SIGN UP: Did someone join your email list at a conference? At your store? On your website? You can segment and tailor your content based on how they signed up. This way, you can show your audience that you’re paying attention to their needs and are also sending fantastic deals into their inbox.

LOCATION: When you segment an email database by location, you’re letting an audience residing in a specific geographic know about an upcoming event nearby their location without annoying the audience that lives in some other part of the world. Your audience will be thankful for you choosing to not fill up their inbox with irrelevant email messages.

RESPONSE RESULTS: Send follow-up email messages to people who only opened your last email message. You may also resend an email campaign to people who didn’t open with a different subject line to see how that trick works. Pay attention to the content they’re clicking so you are able to send more relevant email messages in the near future.

MOST ENGAGED: You’ll have subscribers on your list who always open and click your email messages. They’re likely to be your brand advocates, so send them more exclusive content or special offers saying thank you. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

LEAST ENGAGED: You’ll also have subscribers who will never open your email messages. Segment them and send re-engagement emails. If they don’t respond, it’s time to take them off your list.

PURCHASE HISTORY: An email showing products your subscribers may like, or loyalty rewards for people who regularly buy from you.

BIRTHDAYS: Send a special message to celebrate your audiences’ birthdays and other major milestones (in a non-intrusive way) to segment your list. Such emails won’t just up your brand loyalty but also help you increase your conversion rates.

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