Creating the Right Email Marketing Campaign for Your Audience

email marketing campaign for your audience

Writing an email marketing strategy is essential, but the most important part is to create one that could help you drive better results. It makes sense, right? When you send an email to your customer, you’re encouraging them to engage with your brand and make more purchases. So, you want your email to be a smashing success and bring out the best response.

Email Marketing Campaign Tip

Here are four tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your upcoming email marketing campaign.



Email marketing is all about great communication and less spamming. Your subscribers receive a gazillion emails in a week. You cannot get good analytics without standing out in your recipients’ inbox. No matter what industry or business, your goal is to make your customer read the email and make them visit your website. The only way you can do this is by sending out emails to segmented groups. Here’s why: sending personalized emails to segmented email lists can draw more clicks than to generic emails to non-segmented email lists. You want to send different emails to those who have bought dog food versus those who have previously bought cat food.



Exclusive offers or coupons are the best way to improve engagement in your email marketing campaign. A recent marketing report noted that emails that included coupons see more open and click-through activity per email. Here’s a way of doing it: if you’re sending out a product or service launch email, you need to add a coupon or exclusive discount to the email you send out. Using metrics and email tracking tools you can keep a track of how many people redeemed your coupon or used the discounts.


As your marketing calendar gets busy, it’s important to set email marketing tasks that normally get buried under an avalanche of last-minute problems. Create a series of automated campaigns that will be sent to a segmented group of subscribers over a period of time. Determine the best time to blast an email and schedule accordingly. For example, set up a series of campaigns reminding subscribers to shop on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You can also create a series of follow-up emails, limited-time promotion offers, and weekly or daily offers emails to keep them coming back to your site.



Incorporating social media is the best thing you can do your email marketing campaign. Businesses these days, use multi-channel marketing to increase customer engagement, more website traffic and sales, and more lead generation. Moreover, businesses are testing out social networking sites to generate more revenue. If you’re a little hesitant to plunge deep into it, you can start out by encouraging your social media followers with referral discounts or freebies. While, newbies (referrals) can be rewarded with a substantial first-time buyer coupon.

Once you have done a few campaigns incorporating social media, you’ll have more information to target a wider audience with specific, well-targeted campaigns that could get your business more sales.

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