Top 3 Mistakes in Holiday Marketing Strategy and How to Avoid Them

The holidays are upon us, which means tons of traveling, family time and shopping all thrown into one big holiday marketing strategy selling the idea of happy holiday flying. Are you ready to maximize engagement and ROI through your email marketing campaign?

Mistakes in Holiday Marketing Strategy

Most marketers prefer who boost their sales at the end of the year, where email marketing plays a fundamental role when done rightly. Email is a tool that can provide marketers a hundred different ways to stay on top of the minds of the customers, the right kind of people who let loose on the holiday frenzy. But before you hit the green button on that email campaign, make sure you’ve avoided some of these below mentioned errors:


If you do not have a proper holiday marketing strategy set, pull together all your resources and start brainstorming in whatever time you have left. Set a date, when you’ll commence on the email marketing campaign and make sure it isn’t after December 20th when most of your competitors have already engraved a place in the hearts of your customers.

Create a holiday-themed template in advance and make sure it’s crafty enough by using holiday videos and images. Pull your customers heartstrings by building a landing page focusing entirely on the hottest and fastest selling products with some tempting discounts. Lastly, make sure all your social media sites are amped up with holiday graphics.


If you’re using email this holiday season as a means of a full-fledged marketing campaign make sure you invest fully into it. Take some time out with your team to segment it, by breaking it into appropriate customer groups which can be targeted accordingly (age, location, buying behavior, interests etc.)

Every business with a product segments their recipients into two groups, one comprising of returning customers and the other one of new customers, to make sure that their brand presents offers relevant to their relationship with those customers. A returning customer should not be treated like a new customer; instead they should be awarded with special offers and premium access to information for their brand loyalty.

If you want to target recipients who have never been associated with your brand before, partner with a decent email provider who can provide you with a database of an entirely fresh demographic. You can do by providing them a detailed objective of your email campaign and the kind of customers you’d like to target.


Did you know that nearly 40% of all 2013 Black Friday holiday sales in 2013 took place on mobile devices? Some people found it to be a better alternative compared to standing in long never-moving queues at malls.

Make sure your emails can be opened on all types of mobile devices. Test them before you send the email blast. Make sure the entire conversion process is a smooth one where all pages can be properly navigated from all types of devices.

Whether is it a product, service or just a simple hello, let your holiday marketing strategy this holiday season be the one that helps you propel positive customer engagement and keeps you on top of the game!

If you are still having trouble with email marketing during the holidays, refer FrescoData since they are the best at what they do.

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