3 Tips for Holly Jolly Direct Mail Marketing during the holidays

The busiest time of the year has arrived! Businesses are establishing a foolproof game plan to grasp the attention of eager shoppers. Some business owners want to show their gratitude dear customers by sending seasoned greeting and gifts, while some want to make a tidy fortune for the business. Maximizing revenue during the holidays isn’t magic and requires a lot more than to string Christmas lights. In this time of the year, when businesses are strategizing last minute direct mail marketing campaigns, what are you doing to ensure a happy and successful end of the year for your business?

Direct Mail Marketing During The Holidays
Make your Holiday Campaign a Success with this easy to implement Direct mail marketing tips

Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

Below are 3 easy to implement tips that will make this holiday campaign an instant success:

  • Time-Limited Offers, Coupons and Value-Added Services!

Make sure to wrap time-limited offers to entice customers into buying now in the direct mail marketing during the holidays. Moreover, you can draw your customers to online shopping with some add-on incentives such as coupon codes or customer loyalty cards. You can also make use of referral deals and discounts to multiply your sales with newer customers who will be brought in.

The thing about online shopping is that it is less affected by economic tumults. Make sure the direct mail contains value-added services such as free-shipping, gift wrapping, so that online sales conversions become an easier task for you.

  • Target Precisely

To convert new recipients into leads in you direct mail marketing during the holidays, it is highly recommended for businesses to buy direct mail list. You can buy from legitimate email providers who update their direct mail contacts database once in every six months and guarantee at least 85% deliverability. As a matter of fact, you can always ask for samples before buying data in large volumes. Lastly, purchase Consumer & Business Email and Direct Mail Marketing Lists from Direct Marketing Association (DMA) members only. Moreover, if you are still having trouble finding the right supplier, refer to FrescoData since they are the best at what they do.

  • Post-Holiday Sales Magic

Did you know that post-holiday sales are even better and bigger compared to holiday sales? Whether it’s consumer exchanging unwanted gifts or spending holiday cash they received from their loved one, post-holiday sales are the thing. Use Direct Mail Marketing during the holidays to target customers using well-timed mails that will help you liquidate your year-end inventory or gearing up for New Year’s Promotions. Use the direct mail campaign as an investment strategy. Market regularly, both before and after the holidays to make sure that you always stay on top of the minds of your customers with great deals and offers.

Learn how FrescoData’s Direct Mail Marketing Lists can be used for your marketing campaigns.

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