Top Retail Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

Email marketing remains a dependable source of revenue for retailers. With the growing mobile usage and personalization, it is creating far greater possibilities for reaching out to a wider audience. A recent Forrester Research notes that email marketing accounts for 14% of the total digital budget in the U.S. In a similar study by retail executives, it was found that email accounts for 17% compared to 43% spent behind search. Email is becoming one of the biggest channels of retail e-commerce transaction, driving as much as 40% of e-tailers overall revenue. We’ve rounded up the email marketing trends of 2016, and now it’s time to look into trends industry by industry.

retail email marketing trends

Email Marketing Trends in Retail

We asked several FrescoData experts to suggest retail email marketing trends that will define the course of advertising in the year ahead. Here is what they had to say:

Now, personalization has been on top of retail email marketing agenda since 2013 and is set to remain for the coming year as more and more brands strive to deliver a one-to-one personal experience. This is going to be the year where we start to see email personalization become a norm. As more and more companies move away from broadcasted email campaigns to segmented ones, we’ll see personalization evolve outside of the usual considerations.

Embedded Content for Retail Email Marketing

By the end of 2015, we saw a rise in the number of marketers using animated GIFs and short videos from external sites like Vine and Instagram. This content has generally received a positive response and been a strong driver of engagement. It’s no longer the case of emails being mobile-friendly. As a matter of fact, email marketing companies are providing a unique experience where one can integrate embedded content with mobile-responsive templates. The retail email marketing trend will continue to rise in 2016 as more and more marketers use embedded content to a greater use.

Cart Abandonment Program

Shopping Cart Abandonment is becoming a significant issue for all e-tailers. In 2016, we’re going to see Cart Abandonment Program (CAP) increase revenue of e-tailers by up 43%. Be prepared to see more of CAP in 2016.
No matter what you do in email marketing, it’s always important to keep it simple and authentic.

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