Two Email Marketing Secrets No One Will Ever Tell You

The merciless inbox of your clients roils with various marketing messages, attention-seeking email messages, and awful subject lines. With more than 140 billion emails delivered every day, email marketing remains the most elite channels in order to establish a business communication.

In the ever-increasing world of competition, how can you separate the signal from the noise? Tough job, isn’t it? The only way to remain a hit among your consumers is by coming up with new and productive ideas. Productive email marketing strategies are a way to keep your customers hooked up with your services and products for a longer duration of time.

The main question that arises is how to come up with productive email marketing strategies?

email marketing secrets

Here are two inbox-tested productive email marketing secrets, which successful email marketers have been using to get their emails clicked right away with customers.

The Concept of Personalization

No more addressing your customer with Dear “Name”. The practice of personalization of emails is not as effective as it seems. In fact, the practice of personalization could be very harmful. Given the level of concerns for the matters related to cyber security, for instance, phishing, credit card fraud, and identity theft, many clients would be worried of marketing emails, especially those addressed with personal greetings.

The most crucial part of email marketing is building a relationship. Do the recipients of your email know your identity? Do they trust you?

Always keep in mind, when an email arrives in your inbox addressed by your name, the process of personalization comes across as creepy. The personalization of product, in which clients are directed to services and products based on their track of past purchases, triggers a positive response from 98% of clients.

Here, the takeaway is that if you want to use the form of personalization in your email marketing strategy, you must do it in a highly meaningful manner. Know your customers. It takes a little relationship or knowledge to place an individual’s name in the greeting.

Right Time to Send Email

While they say that a quality email can be prepared during the peak business hours, sending emails between 9-5, isn’t the correct slot to hit the best email read rates.

The most productive email marketing strategy that intelligent marketers use is to send emails at night.

According to the Experian Marketing Services’ quarterly email marketing report for the fourth quarter in 2012, the best open and read rate is received at midnight. This time slot not only showed better open rate, which was 22%, but it also played a pivotal role in boosting the sales.

The optimal email marketing time, many times, depends on the behavior of your customers, other marketer’s deployment time, and inbox crowding.

Other marketer’s deployment time and inbox crowding go hand-in-hand. If your email reaches an inbox in synchronization with other emails, the possibility of getting noticed by the clients increases. So, start your process between 8:00 pm and midnight before others start catching up with you.

You should be consistent with test emails in order to configure what appeals to your customer and the possible time slot when they open their inbox.

These were two of the most productive email marketing strategies. In the era of email marketing, what actually matters is the way you please your user base and the method of holding your customers for a longer duration of time.

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