What Will Email Marketing Be Like in 5 Years’ Time?

Future of Email Marketing

To many, email marketing strikes of as old-fashioned. Compared to newer avenues such as social media and mobile marketing, which gets all the attention, email provides you a direct line of communication for conversion to sales. This is why the most savvy marketers rank email as a top performing marketing channel. According to the Direct Marketing Association, it’s incredibly cost-effective with an ROI of 4,300%. It’s what you call the ultimate “conversation to commerce” tool.

All of us are far too familiar with the latest trends, future predictions and trends, to implement more effective email marketing campaigns. But, what will email marketing be like five years down the line? In 2020, email marketing will continue to be an anchor, but what change will be the contextual experience. To provide a full picture, we are sharing the two most essential changes to email marketing in the coming years.

Interactive Emails

Emails have long been the traditional gateways to landing pages. However, in the coming years, thanks to embedded video, rollover images, hamburger menus, email carousels, and other interactive features, a lot will happen.

Landing pages will still play a vital role, however, email interactivity will help create new interaction flows and make landing pages unnecessary in some cases.

Voice Interfaces

An increasing number of people are viewing emails on smaller screens – mobiles, tablets, phablets, and even smartwatches. What could be the next logical step?

Internet of Things devices? Wearables? Smart Cars? You can expect to read emails using this paraphernalia allowing you to reply and respond instantly. This also includes earpieces and headsets, such as the Apple Smart Headphones.

We’re going to see a war much similar to the one over browsers and mobile OS. The war for voice interfaces will see major contenders including Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Companies will deliver an effortless experience packed with more tailored, predictive, and adaptive elements by using a slew of active, passive, and situational data. Truly relevant experiences across channels will include sending the right message to the right user at the right time through the right channel while still including email.

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