Five Ways to Start a Perfect Video Email Marketing Campaign

Perfect Video Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketeers are well aware of the power of etching videos in an email to drive customer engagement further, as an essential part of their newsletters. Video as a marketing medium can communicate effectively and quickly than any other marketing medium. Video serves as useful and effective marketing tool to increase brand awareness, or help educate your customers, and increasing conversations. Around half of the marketeers, who have used video in email campaigns, saw increase in click-though rates, open rates, as well as increased forwarding and sharing on social media platforms.

Sending videos in email is very tricky techniques, which nowadays marketeers have been using for exposing their brand awareness. A recent survey conducted by us, and we could find that by incorporating video in an email, it can increase engagements with customers 10x than common email content and other graphic media.

Embedding video in an email is a clever marketing move that increases your conversion and click-through rate. We have listed out top five ways to start with a perfect Video Email Marketing.

I. Keep video short, if you are unable to brief within 90 sec

You are not sending a video of a movie, so do consider at least 90 seconds as your maximum time period to demonstrate your products and services for any email newsletter video. Keep one aspect in mind that most of the audience won’t spend 90 seconds to watch your video. So, it will be better if you feed essential information and position it prominently in the beginning.

II. Define a video email format

Embed smart tags in your video emails that specify, whether the video will be compatible in either Flash player media or HTML/H.264 – format. For instance: A generic video email’s smart tag appears – *|YOUTUBE: [$vid=XXX] |* for YouTube; *|VIMEO: [$vid=XXX] |* for Vimeo; where, XXX – represents the particular Video’s ID placed at the end of the URL.

It may be possibility wherein, some of your videos are not compatible with mobile devices where in your video content is only supporting Flash player media, and displays a broken link icon. Likewise, other mobile devices may not be configured with properly loaded drivers for HTML5, or may lack in supporting your video.

By embedding the proper smart tag will ensure your video will play properly on almost every smartphone devices or desktops. If you’re making use of a modern email template from a leading email service provider, you won’t have to worry about this, as all of these tags will be presented by them during email campaigns.

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III. Go with the pros version device

Innovations in technology have upgraded the quality of cameras on a variety of devices, and readily available video editing software has turned whole generation as expert videographers. Similarly, you can snap a 10 seconds video or click a few images of your products and services, and then using these available video editing software and pro version of cameras, can give you a personal touch in your video email marketing campaign.

The video presentation will demonstrate your band in the best possible way that has to be distributed to experts having years of experience and with those that are possessing proper professional-level equipment. By using such high-quality equipments, you will be able to present a candid video presentation to achieve excellent results. For example, 8mm vintage camera gives your video a retro style.

IV. Option for HD, instead of 3D

It will be better if you opt for HD-quality video, instead of offering 3D, marketeers should refrain that particular technology and make it simple and aesthetic to view the footage.

According to Cisco Networks, it has stated that HD online video will increase up to more than 20fold in the coming years, resulting to about 77 per cent of overall video traffic after then. Thus, before providing HD quality video, you have to always ensure that you are offering an option to view a standard resolution version to protect bandwidth.

V. Let your script highlight the footage

Even if, you might have spent $10 million in making effective video footage, it won’t work unless your prospects haven’t jotted their eyes balls to watch it once. So, instead of investing more money in making video footage, focus more on your content that you’re going to present in the video.

Keep your video footage short and precise, as well as condense the use of call to action links in your email. Let your footage brief more about products and services of your business rather, promoting your band. Also your video should be relevant and engaging one for the prospects that you’re going to deliver while carrying out video email marketing.

You’ll surely receive excellent outcomes from your video email marketing, if planned properly and effectively, as it is one of the powerful tools for increasing visitors to your website and subscribing for your services. In future, it seems fair obvious that video email marketing will become more common in the marketing dimensions.

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