What Are Display Ads? The Complete Guide

What Is Display Advertising?

Display ads are any kind of product and/or service ads presented through image, video, or both. They aren’t necessarily stuck in a single blog, page, or marketing space. More often than not, they’re the result of retargeting campaigns (ads are repeatedly shown after a potential customer shows interest in a product but does not purchase it right away), and they may even appear as interstitial ads – full-page ads that appear right after the client clicks a link.

They may also appear as “rich media”, or interactive media, which is when the ad presents spaces for the potential customer to enter information or even to play a small in-ad game, that will end up redirecting them to your website. Video ads are also very common, especially in YouTube’s and Dailymotion’s ad spaces. Whichever is your preferred approach to display ads, FrescoData has got you covered. Our team of marketing experts will make sure your ads are tailored down to yours’ and your target audience’s needs.

Types of Display Ads

Banner Display Ads

If you have ever used the internet, you’ve seen a banner ad. Now, regardless of where it’s shown – if it rises from the toolbar in a website, appears right away when you’re scrolling through Facebook, or is the column of a website, you can’t deny display ads are visible. At FrescoData, we make sure your ads are seen in as many forms and spaces as possible. Of course, taking into account the audience targeted, it’s less about how many times it’s seen and more about who is seeing it and at which time. Our banner display ads are manufactured to engage your customers, make them see you’re the best in your field, and purchase whichever product or service you are offering.

Retargeted Display Ads

As little as 2% of customers engage, that is, purchase a product the first time they see it – and this is valid for website traffic, too. But while few people are drawn to a particular brand, at first sight, retargeting campaigns show much better results. The whole purpose of retargeting is constantly reminding your customers that your brand exists, and it is the best in the segment. And how is this accomplished? By a small tracking line, placed on websites’ source code. It does not affect the functionality or appearance of the website. Still, it will anonymously follow people who have shown interest in your brand over the internet and display your ads on pages they visit.

FrescoData also offers the email retargeting campaign feature. In this case, instead of following your customers over the internet, we directly send them an email with offers or the latest products from your brand. How is that done? By seeing which email is attached to the search of your website. If that sounds a little tricky, we can also offer the “before you go” feature (when the mouse arrow leaves your website and goes to click either the close tab button or switch tabs) and even newsletter subscriptions – they put in their email, and receive monthly, weekly, or even daily emails reminding them that your brand exists and is the best suited to them.


Say you run a small company and have little ways to deliver goods to other cities, states, or even countries. Or, even if you’re marketing a special offer that’s only valid for the people of a specific region. FrescoData’s unique geofencing technology uses an algorithm capable of triangulating all email addresses, direct mail addresses, or otherwise communication means of a specific area to ensure everyone in the desired location (or locations; it all depends on your needs) sees ads for your product or service.

Moreover, not only you get to target ads to a specific location, but you can also filter them by demographics, whether those are income, property values, age, gender, and many more. This improves business intelligence and the les process, which results in increased profits. And how is this possible? Due to an algorithm that will specifically funnel people down into categories. From this point on, you get to choose which categories are more likely to buy your product – but you can also leave that for the algorithm to figure out, too. It’s speedier, much more effective, and it works 24/7/365 (or 366) for you and your brand.

Benefits of Display Advertising

Diversity is number one. You can do plenty through display ads, as they come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors you can imagine. You can either make them fun with interactive games with bright colors, or you can make them soberer, collected, with a darker color palette and only the actual wording. They are also highly reachable – since, with the click of a mouse on Google Ads, you can send your ad to millions of web pages all over the internet. Or even create redirection pages: when someone clicks on any website or ad, they are redirected to a page with your ad. Opting to close it, the page opens space for their desired destination.

Targeting is also made much easier by display ads since it gives your potential customers’ visual aid to remind them of your brand and product. Not to mention you also get to place your ads in all the right places, making sure not only a significant amount of people will see your ads but also the maximum number of individual people that fit your target (or desired) audience. Geofencing also has a place in this, depending on the need that a specific population sees a particular ad.

Display ads also have their efficacy comprised, have massive coverage, and their impact is easily measurable by tools such as Google Ads. Display ads saw a rise of 15% in growth in mobile ads in 2020 alone, according to Bannerflow research. The same study also pointed out a surge in video ads, a more cost-effective display marketing technique, as bits and pieces of the video can be further used to image display ads.

Moreover, even though there is an increasing amount of ad blockers available, companies such as FrescoData keep bypassing them through technology that detects them and requires them to disable them before proceeding to the page. This makes ads much more seen by customers – especially when they’re intrusive, popping in the front of the screen, and requesting action to disappear. The same Bannerflow research also points out an 8% increase in click-through display ads compared to 2019 with 2018. The high personalization of these ads is also responsible for a rise in clicks.

Elements of an Effective Display Advertising Campaign

Audience Targeting

No company is going anywhere if they don’t know who their clients are, who their products suit, and how to reach out to those people in particular. However, it’s no reason to worry – FrescoData offers the latest data-driven marketing technologies, meaning our several algorithms will progressively collect information about all possible kinds of target audiences and direct your marketing campaigns to the audiences that are more likely to appreciate (and even more importantly, purchase) your products.

Eye-Catching Ads

Customers not only want to buy things: they want to buy something and have fun, preferably in the reverse order. If your ad can make a customer laugh, think about how clever the marketing was, or even raise an eyebrow in amusement, chances are you have conquered a customer. Our marketing team of experts at FrescoData design personalized ads for every possible product or service, having your best interest (and profit) in mind. Whichever is your preferred approach in ad designs, we have got you covered.

Optimized Landing Page

The first image is the one that stays. Most times, you only have one chance to win a client, and most of those times, this chance presents itself when they click on your website’s homepage (or even one of your ads). That’s why all landing pages (whichever pages the customers see first when they click) need to be in their best shape, and the more interactive they are, the better. Say you’re promoting music tours. A good landing page would display not only the dates of your upcoming shows but also a place in which your fans can buy all your merchandise, and possibly even special discount offers, too. FrescoData makes sure your landing pages are highly optimized so that the biggest amount of potential customers will convert right away.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion comes in many forms. Once a customer clicks on your website, we’ll track what they did afterwards. Did they purchase something? Are they signed up for your newsletter? Closed the page and kept on browsing? If it’s the last option, a retargeting campaign will be put in place – we’ll remind them that your company exists and is the best. This is a more straightforward way to see how your clientele’s behaving around your brand of the two formers. FrescoData’s algorithms will even suggest improvement points in your marketing campaigns, all to grow your brand and boost your profitability.

Source: emarketer

Measuring Your Display Ads

Finally, you need to know if all the hard work is paying off. If you’re spending 60 dollars on your display ads but only profiting 38 dollars from sales, it may be time to rethink and recreate your campaign or even change the entire strategy altogether. Upon opting for FrescoData, our many algorithms will keep track of which marketing strategies are the most suited to your business, with the bonus of continuously checking their progress and making sure your brand is being seen and no ads are being put out there for nothing.

That’s one of the most significant advantages of data-driven marketing at FrescoData. All algorithms and systems are continuously working to ensure all marketing strategies are working at maximum performance, safely, and with little to no waste of money. This is why our company is the leader in our segment, having collected many prizes over the years for our differentials. No waste of money, personalized ads, targeted marketing, and the many functionalities at FrescoData are a guarantee of boosted profits.



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What Are Display Ads? The Complete Guide
What Are Display Ads? The Complete Guide


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