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A recent Harvard Business Review study noted that the C-Suite Decision Makers spend less than 2 percent of their time with vendors. Moreover, engaging with them is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Now, one of the most interesting things that top email marketing companies follow is engaging with them in ways opposite to what mediocre marketing companies do. In this post, you’ll learn how to earn game-changing deals when marketing to the senior audience.

The most interesting factor when engaging with the C-Suite decision makers is that you need to build credibility. This easily translates into, “Why should I trust you?” and “Why I get value for spending my time with you?”


In C-Suite email marketing, email marketing companies need to understand that building trust and bringing value to the email transaction are of utmost significance.

Your product/company is unknown to the target audience, as much as you are to them. In order to build trust you need to move their perception from skepticism to a position of trust. You need to make sure your email is a far cry from vanilla communication. You need to break through the daily clutter and deliver your message such that you get a momentary look from the executives.

If your email content is brimming with a product message, you’re not doing much to close the deal. What you need is to put the spotlight on issues they deal with on a daily basis, on things they care about such as staffing, regulations, budgets, customer expectations, etc. If your email message taps on the things they talk about with their team, you’re ought to catch their interest.


In order to deliver a succinct value proposition, email marketing companies need to provide information that changes their perspective. This narrows things down to three things you need to bring to the table: information that is valuable, information that is credible, and lastly, information that is different.

Now, let’s take a look at the two key principles you need to cover when you’re carrying out an email marketing campaign aimed at a senior audience.

  • You need to approach the C-Suite audience on a bespoke basis. One of the most obvious ways to do so is to educate yourself with their personas via lists segmentation using a CEO email list. Using a well-segmented, clean email list you can set up a relevant email campaign that helps you win your audiences’ trust and bring value to the communication.
  • Smartphones can no longer be ignored in the C-Suite email marketing equation. They represent a huge part of all email interaction that occurs during their day. It’s imperative that your email campaign is mobile-friendly.

Without a doubt, chances are only 40% of the decision makers may seem interested in what your email has to offer.

This precisely means that even if the rest are disinterested in your product, you need to stay connected with them. A genuine connection extends beyond the traditional buyer-seller relationship, you need to tap it by developing it over a period of time via various touch points such as social media, phone and face-to-face conversations.

If you are involved in selling to the senior audience, read FrescoData’s guide to how to use a CEO Email list and get desired results on your marketing activities.

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