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Major corporations know that direct mail marketing is one of the most effective pieces of their marketing plan. As direct mail continues to mushroom across the retail landscape, marketers are learning consumer behavior and how to meet their expectations in order to stay ahead of the curve. In this post, we have laid out three ways your consumers want you to reach out to them using direct mail.



In Direct Mail Marketing, relevancy is the key to obtaining personalized value and response. Personalized marketing content is always more engaging and memorable. Today’s marketers know that direct mail personalization takes a lot more than having a correctly spelled name on the envelope.

Start with an authentic and up-to-date database of direct mail lists. Your direct mail will be directly thrown in trash if the receiver is not an intended recipient.

If you want your ad to specifically target buyers, employ proper segmentation techniques. You can also buy direct mail lists that is segmented according to your marketing needs. Now, segmentation is not just limited to age, gender, location, etc. Segmentation requires dozens of different ways in which existing/potential consumers are separated. Based on your consumer buying cycle, i.e. lead generation, lead development, and retention, create several well-segmented groups that match the campaign content.

The many boons of living in the digital age is that technology is the modern magic lamp. Once you’ve segmented the groups and create your direct mail content correspondingly. You can also make use of Variable Printing to make sure the right message reached the correct customers in the most efficient and low-cost way.


Companhia Athletica Calendar
Companhia Athletica Calendar

It is estimated that consumers see a lot of marketing content these days (three thousand times a day to be precise) in various forms. And let’s face it, they’re bored of recycled-presented-in-a-state-of-the-art style marketing content.

They want something new, something memorable. 3D Mailing is something that can not only help you achieve the former two objectives but also increase your response rate by 13% to 15% when combined with timely follow-ups in the form of email, direct mail and telemarking.

A few years ago, a gym chain in Brazil created a clever and engaging 3D calendar to inspire clients to stick to their daily gym routines as a part of their direct mail campaigns. Each month when the clients ripped off the bright calendar hanging on their wall, a fitter firm was revealed.


A few years ago when pay-per-click was a nascent concept, Microsoft sent search engine marketing guides to customers who wanted to promote their business online but were afraid to take a leap. The booklet was a key element to its direct mail marketing campaign that contained step-by-step directions on how businesses could promote using pay-per-click ads. It also contained a helpline number where customers could set up their business account and receive ad deployment consultations, all free of charge.

There are similar such ways to motivate your consumers into buying your products and services that will ultimately add mileage to your direct mail strategy. Make your direct mail valuable by adding personalized, hand-picked booklets, guides, and coupons that can convert your sales at a higher rate.

FrescoData is here to help you maximize sales and profits through Creat a winning Direct Mail Campaign.

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