Why A Complete Database is Must for B2B Businesses

Email Database for B2B Businesses

Our company compromises of a team who has the experience of living and working in a number of Pacific Asian companies across various business sectors providing solutions to their unique advantage and so implementing any kind of improvement strategy. Our database is suitable for B2B or B2C businesses in Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Our extensive collection will give you the ability to track email reads, links clicks, forwards, and subscribers and unsubscribers. All these are equally important for a business to function and provide results by giving an increase in sales. Take your business to new heights with us.

Database for B2B Businesses

We are the leading providers of names for email and direct mail marketing campaigns. We offer you access to the database from various organisations, be it business, consumers or medical fields. Our goal is to provide you with the most superior, up to date and comprehensive contacts available. You have plenty to choose from, and our quality comes from one of the best sources of leads in the country. Everything is done in house and we help in putting together the right contact list with complete tracking details. We are the leading provider of commercial business data and academic reference information. It includes pharmaceutical, telecommunication, metals, chemical, food, financial and energy industries. We also provide data’s for charitable foundations, research institutes, regional organisations, environment and women’s groups. Our database provides you with detailed information for key industries, organisations and individuals not found anywhere.

We are exclusive and provide exceptional level of production, content and accuracy. Meticulously researched and regularly updated, we are efficient and have done our research from libraries, government agencies, universities and major corporations and consultants. It will save you the time of researching and all calls made or mails sent will be genuine as our database provides no spam. We have done more than just provide names; we improve our quality day by day and keep updating the database. We provide businesses all over the world with quality, secure contact information. Along with providing quality analysts, market researchers and lead generators, we also share our experience and put you onto our clients so that they can share their experience and trust issue forms between you and us.

Our customers have complete reign to the information. We provide secure database. You provide us with your information and we will put the cleaning process to course to provide accurate quality contact lists. Once we have all the information we research the contacts. We analyze each database with individual details such as email, social media accounts, phone numbers websites and business directories. We look for any information that allows you to reach your clients and improve sales. We make sure all bad entries are eliminated and there are no duplicates. Nor do we include dead domains or spam traps. After the data is cleaned it doesn’t mean you are provided with lesser numbers. We research and allocate database so that you have the required information you needed for your business. We double check the accuracy and make sure that you have genuine database which are primed tested and ready for deployment.

So call us and maximize your competitiveness, we provide the complete set of skilled database from various fields and organisations. You can subscribe to any of our plans and take on monthly, half yearly or yearly plan and benefit from it. We prep you for survival by providing accurate database which reaps in sales and new customers. Benefit with us and increase revenue without going over the budget.

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