The world of email marketing can be a very confusing place. What makes it even more confusing are the sundry marketing dilemmas right from – Renting an email list or buying it? How effective will either of it be? What is the source of the email list? How do I ensure CAN-SPAM compliance?
If you have legitimate opt-in email list provider who can rent you a list on a pay-per-use basis from its database of certain depth and variety, it’s a battle half won.

Tips to Utilize Email List Rental Services
Quick Tips to Utilize Email List Rental Services

Email List Rental Services

Below are three must-know tips to avoid common missteps and thus ensure the success of your marketing campaign:

  1. Provide an extensive brief of your marketing objective to your email list broker.Offering a generic description of not just your product or service but also the ideal customer will help you find the right kind of list. The thing with drawing out details about an ideal customer is that not everyone can possibly be your prospect. Keeping that in mind, seek consultation from experts who have handled similar campaigns previously to know what would work best for you. Let them know what kind of lists you had previously used and how they performed. Email list providers can give you real recommendations based on that information.
  2. Make sure you include your list providers marketing suggestions when creating a campaign strategy.A lot of companies these days partner with email list providers at the start of the year and integrate their expertise on planning out for their future campaign strategies. By doing so, you would not only be able to use the best of marketing ideas but also negotiate on your behalf, receive great discounts and other online premiums. Lastly, rent at least three lists per campaign. By renting more lists, you will be able to see the variation in the campaign performance and thus make more significant decisions the next time.
  3. Test the key elements of your landing page much ahead of time.When you send an email to a prospective client, you have less than a few seconds to capture their attention. Keep your content powerful but don’t overplay it with a lot of marketing jargon. Hire an experienced professional to craft an effective email. Use powerful headlines, punchy-subheads, bulleted lists and bits of information useful for the recipients. Make sure key elements such as subject line, images, text and links are all at the right place and that the layout is mobile-friendly. Utilize the best of search-engine marketing keywords that can influence your recipients’ interests.

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