Four Effective Tips to Email Marketing Automation – 1

Email marketing automation is more about strategy than dropping a weekly-monthly email to say a quick Hello! to the audience. Email campaigns that integrate marketing automation tools are quite different than simple campaigns that utilize an ESP. The biggest difference lies in how a business wants to send the emails and the overall strategy at play. When it comes to marketing automation, relevance is the key. But if one were to sum it up, it can be divided into very few main categories. Let’s take a look at the first two and how these email campaigns can be created and executed to ensure success in your next email marketing program.


#1 Autoresponder Emails

Autoresponder emails are very impactful and used for a highly specific purpose. Email marketing automation helps businesses obtain lead data via forms and landing pages. Most business email content to the audience in autoresponder emails after they have filled out a form. This helps ensure that the business has received the correct email information on the forms filled out.

Autoresponder emails help increase engagement rate since the email is warranted and the content is being requested by the recipient. The subject line for such emails should make it clear that the email contains content they have requested. The email should focus more on helping the individual, and hence, it’s best if you avoid company branding in it.

One can use a corporate title while sending the email, or send it from a person. The decision depends on the market and the goal of the marketing strategy. If you’re trying to build credibility in a marketplace, it’s best to send the email from a corporate title. If you’re trying to build a personal relationship, it’s best to send from a person.

If the content they are asking for is supporting the sales cycle, and it is in succession to a stage in your buyer’s cycle, consider incorporating two offers in your autoresponder emails. The first offer is for the asset they asked for; second offer is for the next stage in the buyer’s purchase journey. This will help you move prospects more rapidly through the business cycle.

#2 Content Sharing Emails

This kind of emails are used by marketers who want to stay connected with their leads before they are ready to sale. Using such emails in email marketing automation can lead to optimistic results in brand engagement and open-click rates.

Sharing content emails are extremely short in nature. Yet, companies who rely on such automation emails have seen a boost of up to 260 percent in open rates, engagement, and revenue. Instead of HTML, these emails contain RICH text, so it appears to have been sent by a person rather than from a marketing department.

Remember, it’s about being useful in this content. You are using this content as a part of supporting your email campaign, so ensure you understand what the objective of your marketing campaign is, and then strategically execute the email. Look at content from third-party sources and not just your own when writing the email body.

If you are having a tough time creating engaging email content, you can check out these copywriting tips on FrescoData blog. 

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