20 Ways to Increase Your Web Conversion Rate

Increase Web Conversion Rate

Marketing companies promote various products and try to lure customers by offering temping deals. Even if a perfect email marketing strategy is applied along with a great web conversion rate, you’ll probably fail if you don’t convert your leads to valuable customers. Your marketing strategy needs a velocity and it’s time for you to thrive more sales leads and get them back by implementing the 20 tactics mentioned here to increase web conversion rate. Every online marketer wants to have traffic over their website for gaining customers to sell their products.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

  1. Include fewer images in your website or else your audience will skip the page resulting in higher bounce rate.
  1. Make use of tangible action verbs such as reserve your seats, grab this opportunity. This use of action verbs will attract them to get in to your web site. Hence, you’ll see a good result in your web conversion rates.
  1. Attach testimonials on your website landing page.
  1. You should highlight your products and services precisely so that your audience get to know more about your product line.
  1. When a visitor or any prospect leaves from your website, give them sample bites such as freebies or discount vouchers.
  1. Create dedicated landing pages for PPC ads. For this, you must make sure that your landing pages ads are properly linked with your website page.
  1. Insert a RSS link or events link on the web page so whenever a visitor visits your web page, they get live news feeds and events or trade shows that you are going to conduct in the future.
  1. Keep engaging your audience with the links that are relevant and worthy for them. Diversions may result in lack of interest.
  1. Your titles and headlines should be created in such a way that they are filled with curiosity and essence so that the right message gets delivered to them.
  1. Give your audience a unique tunnel vision.
  1. Give a chance to customers who have used your products and services to comment and review your products. It helps you rectify your mistakes.
  1. Clear and alternative Call-to-action links in blogs or videos or anywhere in your web pages. This is one of the main factors that would work well for your website.
  1. Entice your existing and potential customers by providing tempting deals and proposal that are beneficiary for them in long run.
  1. Use animation or videos in your website in order to humanize your brand.
  1. Add a subscriber and social media count button at the bottom or on the side of your blog or video post.
  1. Ask your visitors to input key information in the contact form. Such as name, email address and assure them that their details will not be shared with a third party for marketing.
  1. Include a clear value proposition.
  1. Do incorporate strong CTAs in each and every page of your website for achieving a good web conversion rate.
  1. Blog post – it stands best when you include blog post columns in your website. This post column should talk more about the audience and less about you.
  1. You should make your website more interactive by asking your visitors to conduct a survey or to rank your product or giving feedbacks.

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