Six Ways To Optimize Email Newsletters For Mobile Marketing

Optimise Email Newsletters For Mobile Marketing

Mobile has revolutionized the way human beings live. Mobile phones have become a tool that has connected many people across the globe. The future of digital marketing is taking a slight change with the entry of mobile marketing. As you may already know, many of the business people or generic ones, use mobiles to communicate with the most important people including corporate ones to make business proposals. According to a survey report, 80 per cent of the email open and click-through rates through mobile phones have increased in the year 2015.

Now marketeers plan more to expand their email marketing business further using mobile marketing as their new key tool. It’s a great opportunity for new and existing marketeers to give their marketing business a different look by sending emails to subscribers that are mobile-friendly.

Using mobile marketing, marketeers can now observe a smart increment in their open rates and click-through, resulting in a higher ROI.

Though, the approach looks easy to get more response for your marketing campaigns, it’s especially difficult when you don’t have an enough resources to build a robust marketing strategy. At first marketeers send newsletters via emails in which only limited marketeers get good outcomes. But with the introduction of mobile technology, their task has become easy for sending emails and delivering newsletters to their subscribers.

Email Newsletters For Mobile Marketing

Let’s learn how we can make our Email newsletters optimized and compatible for mobile marketing. Just try to follow the below listed steps to get the best response from your mobile marketing events. Follow the six listed elements to optimize email newsletters in your mobile marketing.

1. Before sending email newsletters to your audience, you should have the ideal mobile touch screen target size testing. This includes the buttons, links, images and videos that should be clickable in their touch screen mobile device.

2. Instead of fluffing the image to display it large or etching more images in window panes, try to minimize the window pane using only a single column design.

3. Avoid attaching navigation bars and menus while sending your newsletters. And even if you want to attach them in your e-newsletters, check if whether they are creating a havoc while tapping on them.

4. Don’t send newsletters with fully loaded images. Spare recipients the effort of using too many images. With too many images in the email, it could take up a long time for them to download.

5. About 60% of emails today, are opened on mobile devices only. Before sending emails to subscribers, one can always ask what version of email they’d like to receive – mobile or a full image based version.

6. A few email services companies provide detailed information such as who reads your email on which digital device – iOS, Android and more. This helps create customized emails for future email marketing campaigns.

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