2015’s Hot Email Marketing Trends

In the year of 2015, innovative email marketing trends for campaigns used by various companies and industries will ricochet success, thus expanding the global competitors’ market. Email Marketing has been a more effective online marketing form for growing businesses. According to a survey made by leading industry experts, it was revealed that around 2.5 billion of email users have increased all over the world. Around 65% of the US adults are sending and receiving emails at least weekly via smartphones, 80% of the online shoppers are more likely to buy from online market or in-store markets. It has been noted that email is considered to be one of the most preferable channels for sending commercial messages.

There is a great news for small business initiative, since email marketing campaign has become the most effective and accessible method for making business. Now, marketeers are focusing more on mobile technology, automated marketing tools and software and segmentation. So, with the upcoming email marketing trends, up-to what extent your email marketing business will be enhanced by this year. Let’s have a look on it.

Hot Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing Trends

  1. Better automated marketing

If you want to employee best/successful email marketing campaign, you can make use of such improved automated marketing tools which will help you in implementing good marketing strategies. Such marketing software and tools are now more advanced and sophisticated than ever. These software and tools will also allow marketeers to easily segment their lists, analyze results, track information, formulate changes, and personalize email campaigns based on post-marketing campaigns analytics.

The 2015’s top ranked automated marketing tools, they are: Act-on, Infusionsoft, PlanPlus Online, Eloquo, constant contact, customer.io, Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Userfox and etc., they are easily available from the online market, making your marketing programs more easy and will also encourage you to generate more profitable income revenues.

  1. Segmentation-as a Key Instrument

This year, marketeers have opted for segmentation to be kept at top priority and will look forward to uplift their brand exposure and improve their marketing programs using it. While implementing email marketing campaigns, segmentation becomes the key instrument for successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. The race is to capture and keep targeted email campaign audiences, to strengthen and keep them engaged as consumers’ demand are met using more meaningful approach to marketing campaigns.

For improvising your email marketing programs, segmentation will work as a key instrument for succeeding in marketing programs. Advanced analytics and Big Data allow for more precisely targeted groups, based on the components that are relevant and valuable to your business and your target audience. Your email lists segmentation should be based on the combination of factor of age group, gender, online behavior, location and purchase history or on precise email targeting and the deliveries of an increased hike of ROI with higher click-through rates and open rates, and resulting to higher revenue incomes.

  1. Use of Mobile technology

With the use in the mobile technology, marketeers can no longer afford to avoid the influence of mobile on email marketing. According to a source statistics, around 70% of the users have increased the usage of mobile device to open emails. By the year end of 2014, it was estimated around 55% of emails had opened on the mobile device. Around 60% of the audience read emails on the mobile device.

Looking further to this year, it seems that the response design and mobile marketing are going to hike the upcoming innovative email marketing trends which will be more important in carrying out successful implementation of marketing strategies. You must ensure once that your messages drafted should be coherent and readable to your audience.

You can make use of aesthetic responsive designs that supports all the device platform and operating system. Such responsive designs will support the call-to-action you desired for. The first link in responsively designed email has 30% higher click-through rates than non-responsively designed emails, as revealed by a source study.

Email marketing has shown a steady growth rate in mailing list and marketing campaigns which has remained consistent through-out the years with the increase in growth rate of 7% per year. The digital marketing trends may come and go but email marketing is still showcasing a best promising future for the digital enterprises.

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