5 Magnificent Ways Use Email Marketing to Increase ROI

When it comes to email marketing, there are a lot of Do’s and DON’Ts for one to follow. But the one thing a majority of these tips miss is ‘HOW’. How to generate more revenue? How to grow your subscriber base? How to drive up engagement? How to increase business ROI?

Is a massive waste of time you’re missing the bottom line. To help you ensure your next email campaign isn’t futile, we’ve created a list of effective techniques that will help you at its most foundational level – HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS ROI WITH EMAIL CAMPAIGNS. Plunge In!

Ways To Use Email Marketing To Increase Business ROI


It’s not uncommon for marketers to outline an email program strategy months in advance. Some lean towards the overarching drive to promote brand awareness, increase revenue, and subscriptions, all at from a single set of email campaigns. These ‘macro objects’ as they call it, are incredibly useful in benchmarking the end goal and tracking performance to check whether the strategy is working.

However, there are companies that fall into the late-to-the-party category where they create campaigns in a haste and end up running an ill-thought version of what could be a productive campaign. Don’t fall into these category.

A clear objective will give you more clarity on what to and what not to do in your email campaigns. Now, if you have months in advance to meet the goal, you are highly likely to generate most actions that will drive success in your marketing program.


Did you know that creating a four-figure ‘subscriber base’ can take at least 2-3 years? These is why most bloggers and marketers choose to save time by taking professional assistance from the best mailing list company like FrescoData by buying email mailing lists that come with a customizable field of segments. If you’re one of those people who prefer to purchase email mailing lists, it’s better to buy from an authentic and reliable source of premium quality marketing lists. Here are three things to keep in mind while buying email lists:

Buy a fresh and accurate mailing list not older than six to twelve months;

Buy it from a vendor who is a member of the Direct Marketing Association;

Buy an opt-in email list that comes with customizable set of segments including industry, title, demographics, etc.


Email deliverability as just as important as buying an email list. Many marketers choose to shoot emails without focusing on email deliverability and end up getting blacklists from ESPs. Below are a few techniques that will help improve on your email deliverability without you having to jeopardize your brand reputation:

Stick to a consistent schedule;

Use double opt-in to keep spam complaints at bay;

Don’t send more than one email blast per week unless it is back-to-back sales you’re talking about;

Use branding in your ‘from’ name. For example, use Emily from FrescoData in the form field;

Frequently check blacklists and sender reputation.


Mobile device users are notorious for skimming through a hundred emails per day. The only way you can make your way through their inbox is by using mobile-optimized email templates. Below are some useful tips for you to follow to make sure your email marketing design is mobile responsive:

Follow a single-column layout;

Place the most important message above the scroll;

Email subject line should not be more than five to seven words;

Use a text size of at least 12px;

Keep your CTA easy to click which leads to a mobile optimized webpage;


One of the most critical elements of the email campaign is metrics. At the end of the day, it’s all about how your marketing strategy performed and how much ROI it has fetched you. Below are a few metrics you should be paying attention to:

Clickthrough Rate;

Bounce Rate;

Conversion Rate;

Subscriber Growth Rate;

Overall ROI.

As with email marketing, there’s a foundational level to Direct Mail Marketing. To explore visit FrescoData blog where you can also get access to the latest marketing articles, news, and trends.

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