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The biggest problem with marketing is that between the separate pools of data available across multiple platforms. There is no connection between offline and online data. Unless you have created a central login from every source for your audience, data and tracking are fractured throughout different marketing platforms and analytics. So, you’re looking at an incomplete picture of the data and behavior associated with a prospect’s record.

This is why so many businesses are turning to data onboarding to connect offline and online data?

Major Data Onboarding Systems

What is Data Onboarding?

Marketing onboarding is the process of anonymizing, encrypting, matching and distributing data to merge together online and offline data into the offline world. As a part of the onboarding process, a vendor matches offline data and online data. Data such as email address, age, phone number, or physical address are used as identifiers to match an anonymous customer’s ID through identity verification and data-integration processes.

Companies must identify and collect the meaningful data. Below are three types of data sources you should be using:

Social: People on social media have all kinds of discussions about products, services, discounts and other topics that may indicate the readiness to buy a product. By using data as a service, a company can find the right social chatter to target new prospects or engage with existing customers. For example, using data-as-a-service, an infants’ apparel store can find prospects who are looking to buy baby products.

Online: If you have a customer database with names, phone number, and physical addresses by using the onboarding process, you can match this off-line data to the customer’s digital identities such as an email address, IP address, or social media accounts. Once you have unified this information, you can market in real-time based on real-time triggers and events.

Hard-to-find: Credit card companies are monetizing their customers’ data by allowing retail outlets, e-commerce companies, and travel firms to design better real-time offers for payment options. In a similar fashion, telecom companies are partnering with banks by using their customers’ data to detect fraud by verifying location, purchase details and customer information.

By unifying these three assets, a business can be selective about which data would prove to be most useful to fulfill a certain business objective. Some of these data assets can be mined and sourced from a global database of a data-driven marketing and consulting company like FrescoData.

What are the benefits of Data Onboarding?

Onboarding is an incredibly powerful method to develop a unified view of the prospect. It helps understand how your customers are behaving, which market(s) to target, when and how. Onboarding helps business create more effective cross-selling marketing campaigns.

Partnership with an Onboarding Provider

Onboarding systems match the customer across all source points and use anonymous data until they have verified the identity of the customer. Companies like FrescoData collect data across multiple platforms to enhance and verify the identity of customer profiles and guarantee their accuracy.

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