Cannabis Brand Marketing: The Complete Guide

CBD Brand Marketing

1.) Brand Fit: Why CBD Brand Marketing Needs To Focus on Loyalty
2.) Establishing your CBD Brand
3.) CBD Email Marketing Campaign: Why Drip Campaigns Matter
4.) Challenges to Cannabis (CBD) Marketing & Branding
5.) The FrescoData Difference: How We Build Your Cannabis Community

Cannabis brand marketing is becoming more challenging by the day due to increased competition and mounting regulations. Many new CBD brands jump into the market without a clear understanding of their market and don’t take the time to evaluate the competitive landscape. Taking the time to build an effective CBD brand marketing plan can help your medical dispensary survive and thrive beyond just a few years and grow into a household name. This article is our complete guide to CBD brand marketing with many tips and best practices to get you started on your journey to marketing your medicinal cannabis products.

Brand Fit: Why CBD Brand Marketing Needs To Focus on Loyalty

Should you prioritize pain resolving issues? Or is it depression? Should you work in the veterinary and agriculture industries? Are your customers loyal and willing to discuss the real benefits that surround using your product? 

Choosing the right fit for your CBD brand is crucial to being able to get your target audience to take action. The majority of brands fail to assess brand fit or define their target audience. Brand uniqueness is essential and may make or break your CBD Brand marketing program. 

In order to have an effective CBD email marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you make sure there is enough brand fit between your products and your target market. Brands need to fit a specific mold and speak to a prospect’s immediate needs. FrescoData has experience helping medical dispensaries grow their email lists and marketing reach. 

It is essential to establish your brand such that it interacts with your target clients and keeps them buying. Design your company and goods to fulfill their needs better, solve their issues, and complement their personalities; this will turn them into brand advocates.

Proper Audience Targeting

CBD users may come from various socio-economic backgrounds, races, and ages. As a result, if you don’t have the answers to the right questions from the start, establishing the right targeting approach might be difficult. More significantly, when deciding on the best targeting approach, keep your competitors in mind. Proper CBD email marketing campaigns work extremely well if your audience is hyper-targeted and you know the demographics, interests, and pain points of your patient population. CBD email marketing campaigns need to be tailored to your audience. 

What age group should you focus on? Who is your standard client? What ailments or illnesses are you hoping to treat in your intended customer? What inspires each kind of client to buy CBD oil? These are a few key points you must address before establishing your company and developing your CBD brand marketing program. Dispensary email marketing strategies have to be focused and include the major health benefits surrounding CBD. 

With FrescoData’s Omnichannel Marketing Techniques, your CBD Dispensary can reach millions of potential patients worldwide. 

Legal Concerns

It’s no mystery that there are complicated and inconsistent rules related to the selling of CBD products at the local, state, and federal. This has caused banks, creditors, and other prospective collaborators to see CBD brands as high-risk companies. Of course, working with marketing agencies, sponsors, and advisory companies may be complex for CBD enterprises.

Legal or product questions marketers may attempt to answer during their dispensary email marketing drip campaigns include: 

  • Is CBD safe? 
  • What are the ways you can legally describe CBD and other dispensary products? 
  • Does ____ state allow the legal sale or use of CBD?

Establishing your CBD Brand

It takes a lot of work to start a CBD company. The development of CBD companies is becoming progressively more complex in the market due to increasing regulatory burdens. The expectations of customers and industry professionals are also uncertain about the placement of brands in a relevant and memorable way. Your next CBD email marketing campaign needs to include enough about your CBD brand to actually entice and engage your subscribers to take action and purchase more products. FrescoData can help you grow your CBD brand from infancy into a thriving market leader. 

What follows is what is required for you to build your CBD brand; when considering how to best position your brand for development, feel free to use the information below as a guideline.

Know Your Target Customers

The audience, especially for the cannabis and CBD sectors, should also be taken into account. If your business targets moms or older adults, you could have to spend on educational solutions to combat the stigma related to cannabis and CBD via their lifestyle. If you’re trying to reach Teens or Generation Z consumers, you might want to focus on presenting a specific lifestyle.

There are numerous methods to explain to your customer – regardless of who they are-all of how your brand distinguishes apart from the competition. There are three ways to set your brand apart from a marketing standpoint: consumer experience, content, and logo design.

Contact our CBD Brand Marketing Experts to learn more about CBD Brand Marketing & how  FrescoData can help your dispensary. 

CBD Email Marketing Campaign: Why Drip Campaigns Matter

If you’re doing any type of dispensary email marketing, you are going to want to first focus on the goals you have for your drip campaigns. Every CBD email marketing campaign must include proper, and accurate, imagery as well as copy focused on describing the benefits of the product itself. 

One of the best ways to contact your customers is through email marketing because of its numerous limiting advertising options, including sponsored searches, cannabis, or cannabis-related companies (It should be mentioned, however, that most of the big platforms have rules to restrict substances such as cannabis off their site). 

Compared to other marketing techniques, email campaigns likewise cost less money and allow companies to interact directly with their viewers and keep them updated and active. Email campaigns should be deliberately developed. To guarantee you maximize the benefits of your online marketing, you’ll follow some good practices. In order to run a CBD email marketing campaign, follow these steps and try to conduct a/b testing in order to receive data to refine your processes. 

Here are a few drip campaigns ideas to begin to build customer touchpoints during your CBD email marketing campaign: 

  • Industry News
  • How to use your product 
  • Personalized Welcome emails
  • Cannabis replenishment emails
  • Loyalty Program (designed to convert patients into CBD brand advocates)

Dispensary email marketing is quite an extensive subject and since the industry is hyper-competitive, your email messages must differentiate you from other CBD dispensaries.  

Keep An Eye On Competitors

Analyze your competition in the market you’ve selected. Check out how your competitors go about accomplishing what they do. How well-known are they among your target demographics? What are their negative and positive points, as well as the key benefits they advertise? 

One quick tip is to subscribe to each of your competitors’ CBD email marketing campaigns. FrescoData continuously examines and evaluates innovative competitors and adapts our strategies to help you out-earn each patient’s trust. Following this strategy, you’ll end up earning more recurring orders. 

Do not leave any questions unanswered as you analyze your competitors. You will thus have quite enough knowledge to organize your strategy and build a good brand image that’s larger and more competitive than the others.

Build out a loyalty or referral program (you can also choose from one of the below ideas):

  • Refer a friend and receive 30% off all flower purchases for the month. 
  • Receive rewards for each person you bring into the loyalty program.
  • Refer X number of friends and receive the latest product before they’re released to the general public. 

Brand Equity

Define your brand and your goods with brand equity. Brand equity is what you put on the table, which is the foundation of your competitive advantage. It explains why you should purchase from your brand, not your competitors.

 Here’s an example of impressive brand equity based on this example: the use of CBD oil by existing customers:

[Brand’s name] aim is to enhance the lives of every elderly citizen. Our goods are 100% natural and might assist you in handling your discomfort to spend time with your relatives. It is easy. It offers an advantage. For many older individuals, it tackles a prevalent problem: pain treatment.

Is your CBD brand growing exponentially? Contact FrescoData to find out how you can. 

Make Your CBD Email Marketing Messages Catchy

Your email should be written with user engagement as your main goal. The topic is very important because it is one of the first impacts of your email on its beneficiaries. The creation of a captivating subject line will ensure that your subscriber will not only be more apt to open the email but will also be more likely to purchase your products. Using specific language and email copy will help you provide some insight into email content. This is a valuable rule of thumb when writing an email’s subject line.

In addition, your email should be up-to-date and appropriate for the audience. One of the best ways to keep users reading your emails is to create a stronger connection by utilizing customization. You can use data such as a name or place in portions of the email. 

Patient & Customer Education Matter

Do not rely exclusively on traditional material for education and promotion (articles, blogs, emails). Use additional forms of content like videos and podcasts. The more diverse formats you have for your CBD business, the more dedication and awareness you’ll see come through in your metrics. You must constantly rotate content themes and include new, and exciting information. Keep your promotional material current and suitable for the reader as well as exciting and enjoyable. 

CBD email marketing campaigns could include: 

  • Product or instructional videos 
  • Benefits of your product 
  • Customer testimonials 

CBD Brand Marketing campaigns work on the same principles as traditional marketing but with a more medically-oriented focus. CBD email marketing must be tailored to your highly valuable patient population. 

Make Users of Influencers

Many conventional advertising tactics cannot be utilized for CBD companies under all the constraints of cannabis marketing. Your CBD business must be unbelievably inventive to make use of advertising through traditional marketing methods. The use of influencers is one of the shortcomings of these regulations. An influencer is somebody who influences a community or venue. CBD Brand Marketing must make use of popular influencers. 

Contact our CBD Brand Marketing Experts to find out how we can help your CBD dispensary grow its patient population. 

Challenges to Cannabis (CBD) Marketing & Branding:

CBD may be incorporated into almost any lifestyle because it’s a natural plant with many documented benefits in the scientific, pharmaceutical, health, and fitness industries. CBD brand marketing is challenging to say the least. Customers may choose from a variety of CBD products, including hemp oil. There are many challenges one has to face before starting CBD marketing.

Lack of Knowledge

Launching a CBD company, and doing the CBD brand marketing, may be extremely difficult, particularly knowing that so many people are still uneducated about CBD. They are unaware that CBD is a legal, secure, beneficial pharmaceutical option. FrescoData’s knowledgeable CBD Brand marketing experts can help you navigate the challenging regulatory and competitive landscape. 

Over-Saturated Market

Competition in this market is tough and with the rising number of people turning to cannabis as a therapy for a variety of diseases, staying ahead of your competitor is essential.

The entry barriers are so low that almost anyone may join the CBD bandwagon. Focused CBD companies, and those with strong CBD brand marketing experience,  will face and be able to outlast the competition that will spring up as the industry gets over-saturated. Some of the controls that have to be put into place to guarantee that your company grows in an unbelievably competitive industry are: well-defined CBD brand marketing, clearly defined differentiation strategies, and highly targeted email lists and advertisements.

Questions to ask yourself as you start CBD Brand Marketing include: 

  • What are my patients’ pain points? 
  • How do my most popular products benefit my patient population?
  • What are some add-ons or ways to increase CLTV of current, and future, patients? (edibles, accessories, and apparel?)
  • Do I have my patient population nailed down and analyzed? Do I understand their use habits? 

FrescoData’s CBD Brand Experts can help you build your dispensaries’ brand. Contact Us now to build your brand. 

Final Verdict

In combination, all different marketing tools give CBD brands a perfect chance, without employing marketing tactics that might lead to legal issues, to educate their viewers and increase brand recognition. Shortly, the CBD business will keep growing. By 2025, it is anticipated to become a market for $23 billion. More players are joining the market, and the level of competition will undoubtedly increase. In the end, a CBD brand is marketed according to the same general guidelines as any other brand (but with a twist). 

You’ll need an experienced marketing firm like FrescoData to help you build a CBD brand marketing plan to stand out from the competition. 

The FrescoData Difference: How We Build Your Cannabis Community

Our team comprises creative, programmatic, marketing and public relations experts, copywriters, engineers, data scientists and brand strategists who have launched and grown businesses across dozens of industries. Our technology stack includes many of the top marketing technology platforms and proprietary systems that we leverage to run and manage campaigns for our clients. We blend our data-driven audience targeting approach with people-based marketing (PBM) approach to create contextualized, intent-triggered campaigns and offers that are connected across channels.

Are you ready to leverage FrescoData’s CBD omnichannel marketing to triple your ROI? 

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