Real Estate Lead Generation: How to Find Buyers for Real Estate

Real Estate Lead Generation

Are you a real estate agent willing to know how to find customers? According to the survey by the National Association of Realtors, “for 43% of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale, while 18% of buyers first contacted a real estate agent.” Reaching qualified home buyers can be challenging without access to a fresh real estate email list. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, home buyers transitioned from in-person home viewings to virtual home tours. This blog article will help you learn how to find buyers for real estate.

FrescoData’s unique marketing techniques help you to find qualified home buyers fast using the following strategies:

Finding home buyers post-COVID can be quite a challenge if you don’t use an omnichannel strategy focused both on behaviors and audience segmentation.


How To Find Buyers for Real Estate Using Omnichannel Marketing Techniques

Over 822,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In order to find and attract new buyers, realtors need to make sure the homes they want to sell are broadcast on as many channels as possible whether it is a combination of social, email drip campaigns, display advertising, or mobile ads. The key is to match the behaviors of your target home buyers with compelling content that will move them to act and buy your home.

FrescoData’s unique omnichannel marketing strategy uses some of the most innovative and technologically advanced marketing tools to help you find buyers for real estate. Our strategy functions by layering behaviors, interests, past purchase history, and among 10,000+ other available attributes to acquire leads for commercial, and residential real estate brokers worldwide. We focus on helping you maximize your brand awareness by providing you access to the most responsive real estate email list available.

Benefits of omnichannel marketing include: 

  • More pre-sales touchpoints
  • Increased home sales/conversion rates
  • Increased visibility to the right home buyers
  • Your message is custom and hyper-targeted to your home buyer

An effective real estate agent post-COVID needs to know how to find buyers for their real estate properties and do so in a cost-efficient way.


People Data + Email Marketing + Email Campaigns + Programmatic Display + Direct Mail & Mobile = More Homes Sold

Are your property sales stalling? Promotional email campaigns managed by FrescoData bring 4 times the number of visitors compared to word-of-mouth campaigns. Leverage one of the highest click-thru (CTR) and message delivery rates in the industry to sell your property with FrescoData’s best-in-class marketing platform.

Each real estate email list we leverage is:

  • CAN-SPAM law-compliance
  • 99% Deliverability Rate
  • Real-time analytics

Contact FrescoData to learn how we can help you get more homebuyers from your real estate email list.


How To Find Real Estate Buyers with Programmatic Display Advertising


In order to sell your properties, laser-targeted ads need to appear where your homebuyers are active and engaged. Our programmatic display platform constantly improves your ad spend and optimizes when your listings are served. When we combine this innovative technology with FrescoData’s people data, your listing shows up across hundreds of device types and can reach millions of qualified buyers instantly.

Programmatic ads are:

  • Content and Context-focused
  • Extremely personalized messaging
  • A continuously iterative process to lower CPC costs
  • Serving your prospective home buyer more content, at the right time, in the right place


Programmatic Ads Leverage Low Cost & Broad Reach

Frescodata uses programmatic ads to help you sell homes in your portfolio in a faster and more efficient manner. The benefit of programmatic ads for real estate sellers is that the ads can be highly personalized and optimized to help save costs.


Semantic Audience Segmentation

Semantic Audiences refers to an intent-based segmentation technique that is capable of ingesting hundreds or thousands of “triggers” across all websites. It is done by selecting 5-7 essential keywords suitable for our client in order to attain a weighted keyword cloud. This can help you really target your buyer’s interest. Semantic Audiences is present in the majority of international countries.

Our multilayered omnichannel approach combines developing innovative creatives with carefully targeted email and social media campaigns to guarantee you the best rates of attendance in the industry.


Benefit From Cross-Device First & Third-Party Datasets to Find Buyers for Real Estate

Referrals are powerful and one of the most important ways real estate marketers gain potential home buyers. A campaign focused on engagement can yield much more fruit than solely a campaign focused on awareness. In order to build a strong lead generation system and drive sales, it’s important for buyers to be able to find the best home based on the exact characteristics and style they are searching for.

FrescoData’s unique programmatic ad platform helps you to serve ads on any device that meet your home buyer at any stage in the buying process (whether they are in search of a virtual tour or ready to sign on the dotted line.)

According to AdRoll, programmatic advertising ranked second on the list of the marketers’ most successful marketing channels for attracting new customers, second only to organic social media.

Realtors can leverage programmatic ads in real estate by:

  1. Focus on a predetermined, segmented, audience such as high-income earners looking for luxury yachts or an audience that lives in the Northeast enjoying a popular tv show.
  2. Build out highly personalized stories and cater to your audience without seeming intrusive.
  3. Adaptive analytics help you save costs and build up your ROI faster.

An alternative to programmatic display advertising is email marketing using a fresh, subscriber-rich, real estate email list.

Contact one of our Real Estate Email List Specialists to learn more about our custom email campaigns. 


Best Practices to Leverage Your Real Estate Email List

Leveraging your real estate email list to attract and convert prospects into buyers can be a challenge for any real estate professional. We’ve compiled a list of the best practices you can use to help you find buyers for your real estate fast.


Best Practice: Avoid Dead Email Lists

FrescoData specializes in providing you with the freshest, up-to-date marketing strategies and real estate email lists available so you can avoid this money and time waster.


Best Practice: Regularly Scrub Your Real Estate Email List

Imagine sending out an email campaign and getting a terrible deliverable rate or an abysmal open rate. This situation may happen repeatedly if you don’t take advantage of fresh lists that have been regularly audited. Homebuyers may have changed addresses and your email sending address may be flagged as spam if you aren’t careful.


What you should look for when cleaning your list: 

  • Routinely perform quick data checks to make sure misspellings and typos are fixed from the data acquisition process.
  • Be sure to stay aware of hard and soft bounces during your analysis once you’ve sent emails out during your campaigns. If you don’t, you can end up on a spam list.
  • Monitor complaints from your messages and immediately remove those who request to be unsubscribed from your mailing list to avoid being blacklisted.
  • Remove inactive subscribers from your list.

Best Practice: Steer Clear of Spam Folders with Appropriate Subject Lines

If you get into the practice of doing one thing throughout your email copywriting, write, rewrite, then ask for a few friends to test out your email subject lines. You can also use specific tips that are geared to help you appeal to your real estate email list audience specifically.


Reach 1M+ Households With 100% Opt-in Direct Email Marketing

We add an additional layer of outreach to your omnichannel real estate marketing campaigns by direct mail marketing. We maintain the most updated business and consumer direct mail marketing databases for 175+ countries and use interest and attribute-based targeting to segment the households that are qualified buyers for your property.

Benefits of opt-in direct mail email marketing campaigns include:

  • You’ve met a huge best practice with opt-in email campaigns.
  • You’ll reach more potential homebuyers and have better results.
  • Your real estate email list is much more hygienic and bounce rates will be lower.

There are many aspects of opt-in direct email marketing that will be useful to any real estate broker. Mobile marketing is another form of advertising that will be powerful for homebuyers.


Mobile Marketing: Share Your Listing with Homebuyers on The Move with Geofencing

Mobile marketing with Geofencing is one of the most powerful tools in a real estate broker’s toolbox. Geofencing draws virtual boundaries around geographic locations (boxing in your homebuyer and getting them the message where they are) so that we may understand the signals going in/out of those areas. We use this for historical lookbacks to analyze footfall and infer behaviors, in order to target mid and upscale homebuyers.

Our team uses this method as an alternative to people data when targeting by household income, income levels, property values. We’re able to deliver messages to the right homebuyers, in the right zip-codes, at the right time.

All FrescoData’s Mobile Marketing with Geofencing campaigns features guaranteed CTRs on global programmatic campaigns across mobile apps/devices.


The FrescoData Email Marketing Difference

Designed specifically for B2C mass consumer real estate email marketing, FrescoData hosts real estate lists to target the highest-value customers.

Email communication can turn customers into lifelong advocates, generational homebuyers, and deliver real valurategy. Our highly targeted real estate email list with a clear objective, combining segmentation excellence with an emotional appeal can help double up your commerce.

  • Enriched database of over 200+ Million consumers/home buyers including census data, to improve campaign engagement score, community-building efforts and higher ROI.
  • Global Consumer Email List segmented by behavior, and transactions, demographics select to develop a unique and compelling Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

Contact one of our Real Estate Email List Specialists to learn how FrescoData can help you attract and convert more prospects into homebuyers.


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